Work In Your Strengths

Whether you own your own business or you are a salesperson for a company, there is an entrepreneur in you. Even if you’re in sales but you’re technically an employee, the responsibility of your livelihood falls directly on you – just like that of an entrepreneur.

By and large, we are not taught how to be entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can be risky, it feels uncertain, it can sometimes carry seasons of lack and seasons of growth.

And not everyone WANTS to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship leaves you somewhat vulnerable and it asks you to manage both yourself and your business.

Yet, on the other hand, entrepreneurship is incredibly empowering, flexible, and it’s many times the catalyst for tremendous personal and financial growth.

As an entrepreneur, you get the opportunity to work in your strengths – and conversely, expose your weaknesses. For many people, this can be scary.

But I see it as a wonderful opportunity.

Because you see, when you are building a business and growing your sales, your livelihood relies on your acknowledgment of both your weaknesses and your strengths. It requires you to delegate – to build a community of other’s strengths around yours. When you’re expanding your sales, you get to a place where you need people that can fill in where you are weaker – and you grow.

The more you delegate in your sales, the more you become dependent on – and grateful for – the strengths of other people. You also become fiercely aware of your own strengths.


  • Are you strong in – or do you need to delegate your bookkeeping?
  • Are you strong in – or do you need to delegate your web maintenance?
  • Are you strong in – or do you need to delegate your accounting?
  • Are you strong in – or do you need to delegate your social media management?
  • Are you strong in – or do you need to delegate your networking?

And in order to grow, you MUST delegate.

The more you grow, the more you delegate. And the more you delegate, the more you grow.

In my latest podcast with the wonderful Robin Schnaidt, Robin shares about her transition from being a 9-5 employee to being a successful business owner. Her strength is in working with numbers – something that many struggle with. She grew from being an employee who liked her work – but not the work environment – to a full-time solo business owner who loves using her strengths to serve other people. Her journey of personal and business growth is inspiring – listen to it here!

Entrepreneurship and business growth is always a journey – it’s a process – it’s rarely ever straightforward and instant. Your story of entrepreneurship is in the works.