Who Do You Want To Work With?

Years ago when I was expanding Sales Coach Now, I had set my sights on working with several different companies. I saw potential in them, I thought they were in my target market, and I moved forward. I made the calls, set the appointments, and Sales Coach Now was growing!

I pursued one company in particular, despite a nagging feeling in my gut telling me to walk away. I carelessly brushed off the feeling and pursued. After a couple of meetings, I successfully closed the sale with them.

You’d think that was a win, right?

In reality, it was quite the opposite. It was one of the worst experiences in my career.


The client was nowhere close to being my ideal client.

We were incompatible in every way, and I hated going to work with them. Yes, I sold to them, but I deeply regretted it. Even though I closed the sale with them, I would not call that a good experience, or a win. I learned from this mistake – but I never made it again.

I wish every salesperson knew this from the start: ONLY work with your ideal clients. Not just your target clients- you can work exclusively with your ideal clients!

If you’re not there yet, answer honestly: Are you trying to sell to everybody? When you think of your target market, is the crowd pretty all-encompassing?

It shouldn’t be. You do not need to sell to everyone – nor should you! In many cases, a client’s need would be better filled by someone else. And your product or service would be better served to a different client! They are waiting for you!

Furthermore, it’s acceptable – and preferred – to communicate that you and your prospect aren’t a good fit. Walk away when you realize you’re spending time with someone who isn’t your ideal client!

One of the simplest and fastest ways to double and triple your sales is to sell to the right people! Refine the definition of your target client – and work only with them.

The question is: Who ARE your ideal clients?

I’ll rephrase it: Who is your favorite client? And why?

Start with exploring who you do NOT want to work with. It seems backwards, but this gives you a very clear picture of who you DO want to work with!

In my last podcast, Tina Loza shared her story of growing her business. One of the key points she mentioned was how how much her business changed when she learned the value in walking away when she knew she wasn’t meeting with the right type of client.

It’s ok not to sell to everyone!

Who are the clients that you want to start working with today?