Where Are You Being Directed?

On a recent flight to California I felt this nagging feeling inside of me, whispering to me, guiding me. It’s everything I write about in One Great Goal, so to not listen to “the whispers” would be crazy.

For you see, the whispers are always moving us in a specific direction, but we aren’t always listening. You would think that since I do this “coaching + law of attraction stuff” for a living, I’d be well aware of when I should be paying attention, but I’m not always aware. Sometimes I’m in a state of resistance, not wanting to let go of something.

So it was on this Sun Country flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles and then back from Los Angeles to Minneapolis that I started to listen. There is a change coming in my business and I know I’m getting very close to making that change, but just not yet. Stay tuned. I’m certain I will be writing about this change in the near future.

But here’s the thing: telling you about the change I need to make in my business wouldn’t help YOU figure out what changes YOU need to make in your business or in your life.

So, how do you know when it’s time to make a change?

First, pay attention to the “whispers” you keep hearing inside of your head. It’s that intuitive feeling or even that knowing that something is up or that something isn’t right. And, it seems like no matter what you do, you cannot make that “certain thing” happen because it is as if you are pushing a wagon uphill.

It might be that you are trying to “force” a new program to happen, or a sale to close, or an employee to do what they are supposed to do. Yet, deep down you know that the new program isn’t quite right, you know that the sale won’t close because it’s not supposed to and that prospect would be a horrendous client. You also know that no matter how much you try to help that employee, you actually need to let them go.

The signs, the guidance, it’s always within us and outside of us. I find that the feelings and “knowing” within us are always guiding our journey. Plus, we also receive “signs” or synchronicities, outside of us that are also guiding us on our path and pointing to exactly where we need to go. We just have to listen.

I am listening and very soon I will be making that change in my business. I hope that you listen as well and make the change that’s been whispering to you for some time.

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    Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and ruginnn.

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