What’s Holding You Back?

How many people in your life can you say have actually achieved their dreams and goals?

Have you?

For most people, the answer to that question is no – and most of the time that’s not really anyone’s fault. Are we taught in school how to set life goals, think big, dream bigger, and achieve in life?

Not really. And there again, that’s nobody’s fault. But most people find themselves in their peak earning years wondering when they were going to take off and become successful.

Furthermore, a lot of the time, I find that people who want to be a success don’t even know where to go to learn how to do so, which is why we talk so much about it!

However, even if you have been taught how to be successful in sales or business, sometimes something can still be holding you back. If that’s you then let’s talk.

Right now, I’m finding that so many salespeople and business owners are right on the cusp of tremendous growth. They are “three feet from gold” – so to speak, and they don’t even know it!

Most of the time when salespeople are on the cusp, it’s because they are struggling with one or two “fears” – or what I prefer to call limiting beliefs.

Now don’t miss this – this is the key to success right here. Because our thoughts determine everything about our actions. Everything.

Do you have limiting beliefs about sales? About yourself? Both?

Great! That means that all you need to do to explode your sales forward is to change your limiting beliefs! The answer is right between your ears!

And switching your limiting beliefs is easy– it simply requires you to identify where your limiting beliefs are, and – here is the key – replace them with new ones.

Have you ever done a psychology exercise in visualization? It’s a rather eye-opening example of how our brains focus on ideas. For instance, someone may tell you not to picture a pink elephant. What comes to mind? Of course – you can’t help but picture a pink elephant right? Instead, when instructed to picture an orca whale instead of a pink elephant, an entirely new image comes to mind. You’ve given your mind another option, making the other image obsolete!

So it is with our limiting beliefs!

Now hear me on this!

You cannot simply say “I’m going to choose to not believe XYZ idea anymore.” Because you see, that idea will still be the one that your mind will fixate on, and it doesn’t discriminate – even when you tell your brain the idea is negative or false. That idea needs to be replaced with something new entirely.

For instance, telling the brain that “sales is not difficult” is still fixating on the idea that sales is being equated with – what? Difficulty! Instead, telling the brain that sales IS EASY produces a different result.

Some of the most common limiting beliefs I see in salespeople are:

  • Sales is hard.
  • People will think I’m being pushy.
  • Nobody wants what I have to offer.
  • I don’t deserve to make that much money.
  • There’s no way I can double my sales.
  • The top 20% doesn’t exist for me.
  • I’m not a expert.

So, replace them with:

  • Sales is easy. (Because it is!)
  • I am a professionally persistent problem solver.
  • My target market genuinely needs what I have to offer as it carries value for them.
  • I deserve to make as much money as I want.
  • I am already on my way to doubling and tripling my sales.
  • I only work with my top 20%.
  • I am an expert and I love to solve my client’s problems.

Or is it something else?

As soon as you identify your limiting belief and change the limiting mindset, growth happens very quickly, and you’ll see your sales double and triple faster than you thought.

What is it for you? What’s holding you back? I love seeing my clients break through their limiting beliefs because each time they do, they begin to experience success – in so many more ways than just numbers.