What If You Doubled Your Sales?

What If You Doubled Your Sales?

I’ll never forget how excited I felt the day I got this call. A woman who had attended Sales Camp called me only 3 short weeks after camp was over. She explained to me how she had applied what was taught in camp and she had shifted her focus.

In that short time, she had tripled her sales. Tripled.

She was obviously ecstatic. How many doors opened for her instantly? What was she going to do now? How did her life change? What opportunities are real and present options for her now that had only been pipe dreams a month ago? Furthermore, what did she do differently?

First, she started by examining this question:

What would happen in YOUR life if you doubled your sales?

So, now start here. Really think about it. Take a step back from the academic “how to” mindset of learning “about” selling for a moment. Imagine for me, if you will:

How would doubling your sales affect you?
Your family?
Your home?
Your kids?
Your career?
Your business?
Your personal finances?
Your self esteem?
Your life?

What would you be able to do that you can’t currently?

What does that image look like for you? There are no wrong answers – just individual ones. What would change for you?

My client had many wonderful things to say about her personal growth during this time. She did not simply learn a “how to” list of things to do, though she said that honing her sales skills was certainly a part of it. What did my client have to say about how that drastic of a change happened?

She changed her mindset. She shifted her focus.

She pushed through her fear to the image of what was possible. It was sitting just on the other side of that fear. Between her focused goal, and her application of the principles described in Selling With Intention, she quickly – drastically – changed her life.

What does it look like for you when you imagine what would change if your sales doubled? Are you hesitant to think about what may change? Do you have a fear that you may not make it? Do you question your ability? Are you afraid to let yourself down? Or are you excited about the possibility? Do you see potential beginning to grow in your world as you ponder what the future could hold for you? Remember, there is no wrong answer.

I want to encourage you to imagine the answer to “what if” – the one that takes guts to envision – hold on to that. What is it? Keep that mental picture solid, but follow me again.

Now imagine what will happen if you DON’T double your sales. Will you be stagnant? How is your life going to look if you have the same record you’ve had for years? Are you struggling? Will anything get better for your family? Will your business grow? Where is your career going?

So, think about it. Which image is preferable to you: the one that holds possibility? Or the one that shows your stagnation?

Now here is the key question. If you are paralyzed by fear, will you ever have more than you do now? Furthermore, what are you afraid of? What is the worst that can happen when you meet with a client? When you pick up the phone? When you schedule an extra meeting? Do you lack the tools and the know-how? Or are you thinking about your fears rather than your possibilities and potential during your sales interactions?

Conversely, if you choose to be driven by possibility, you can change every aspect of your life. You can have a better life for your family. You can start to save. You can put your kids through college. You can begin to give to others. You can have extra to use to start making memories with those that are important to you. Whatever you want!

What is the image driving your actions? Is it your fear? Or your possibility? Friend, you can choose which path. And you can have the same result.

The client at the beginning of this article is not the only one to have success as a result of readjusting one’s focus. Another Sales Coach Now client recently made the deliberate choice to think big and she created a goal of adding an additional $100K in only 90 days. She is well on her way and I have no doubt that she will make it. Furthermore, the opportunity for that kind of growth was available to her all along! She just didn’t know it until she deliberately tried to think big and set a large goal.

You can do that too. And what is going to happen when you do? What if you really did double, triple, quadruple your sales?

Dare to entertain it. Use that image to fuel you toward your goals, then reap the rewards.