What Does Success Mean To You?

Most people would say that they have an idea of what they think success is. Many times, the definition of “success” varies from person to person. Some might say:

“Success is found in financial security.”

“Success is found in building a stable business.”

“Success is found in providing for your family.

These are all good, and they certainly fit a personal definition of success. But in addition, consider this as a defining piece to success:

Personal growth.

I talk a lot about breaking through limiting beliefs with my clients – and the reasons go beyond just seeing the numbers on their spreadsheets double and triple.

You see, the process of breaking through limiting beliefs is really a personal growth journey that simply results in expanded financial gains.

Anyone who has walked through this process of breaking through their limiting beliefs will tell you that the most profound impact that this mental shift had on them was within themselves.

It may begin with a desire to expand their sales, but in the end the results are less about their bank account.

A great example of this is Laura Steward, who I interviewed in my latest podcast. She’s the perfect example of the impact of one’s mentality can have on their sales as well as their productivity. Her story demonstrates perfectly what personal growth looks like in a success journey.

Laura enjoyed great financial success with her company that did six-figure sales in its first year! Needless to say, her business was very successful. She details how she grew, learned, and adapted to the changing needs of her business and her clients as she worked it for fifteen years. She was a highly educated professional, a thriving business woman, and a successful author.

In other words, she looked like the perfect picture of success.

After she sold her business, she considered doing consulting work – and for some reason she thought she wasn’t qualified. That’s right – in spite of all her education, experience, and demonstrated skills, she suffered from the limiting belief known as Imposter Syndrome.

If you’ve never come across this term before, it’s worth understanding, because I think more people suffer from this than they may know. Imposter syndrome is a term that describes a person who, despite their more than adequate qualifications, cannot internalize their successes. As a result, they fear being exposed as a fraud.

Does that sound familiar? Does it hit home a bit? Is it possible that this is one of your limiting beliefs as well? Your success and personal growth journey may require you to break out of this particular limiting belief.

And what’s on the other side of breaking through is worth it – for reasons beyond doubling and tripling your sales.

The truth is this: You have enough to offer. You are the expert at what you do, and what you do has value.

You are enough.

Check out this week’s podcast to hear more of Laura’s inspiring story, how she overcame her limiting beliefs, and how she saw success in her journey of personal growth.