What Are You Tolerating In Your Business?

Can I be REALLY honest with you? Very few people will admit it, but it’s true. Ready?

Nobody wants to work hard. At least, nobody wants to work SO hard that they can’t truly enjoy their life!

It can feel taboo to say it in today’s society where hard work is glorified above personal health and contentment. But you do NOT need to work yourself to oblivion to make a lot of money! And yet we somehow think that the only way to make money is to work REALLY HARD.

Then, because we think that work needs to be hard, we can tend to sabotage ourselves.

Now follow me here.

What can happen is that we can unintentionally place or allow things to stay in our businesses that are HARD – simply because we think that difficulty comes with the package of success and money making.

See what I mean? We tolerate things in our businesses that are only making life difficult. And yet we can be more successful if we stop tolerating the things that simply are not working.

Which begs the question: What are you tolerating that you can change TODAY?

1. Letting other people manage your time

A fantastic book called Boundaries was published over a decade ago and it’s content has revolutionized interpersonal relationships. Even the term “boundaries” has become a part of our mainstream culture. The general idea is that when people learn to take responsibility for communicating their needs and stop tolerating harmful behaviors from others, it gives a person a sense of personal responsibility, confidence, and ownership over their lives.

And Boundaries certainly apply in business as well – ESPECIALLY when it comes to your time.

Take a step back from your calendar and look at it with a bird’s eye view. Who made your schedule? Did you?

Or did you let everyone that you are working with fit YOU in?

Of course there needs to be some give here when you’re working with people and their schedules. However, if you opened up your entire schedule to your clients and gave them free reign over how your time was going to be spent, how did that make you feel?

Look at it this way: There is a big difference between saying, “When can you meet up with me?” vs “I am available Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 3-5 pm – what works best for you?”

See the difference?

There are few things more empowering than commanding your own time. And you can change that starting NOW.

2. Tolerating clients that aren’t a good fit

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my career was working with a client that I knew in my gut was not a right fit for me. I pushed and pushed to get in with them, and when I did it felt all wrong. I hated going to work and I was ready to quit my job altogether over the stress that these clients caused me.

It was a wonderful lesson in what NOT to do, and my hope is that you can learn from my mistake rather than recreate it for yourself!

When we tolerate clients that are not a good fit for us, our “sales as service” posture becomes nearly impossible – because the wrong client doesn’t need what you have! And you’ll try to meet needs that you simply are not meant to meet!

The work you love becomes a drag, and you’ll not only want to stop working with those clients – you’ll want to stop working with everyone!

Every business has a target client. Who is yours? Think about it this way: Who is your favorite client? That’s likely your target client. Work with them. 

3. Tolerating team members who aren’t a good fit

This one can be tricky, because most business owner generally invest a lot into the people they work with. They share space and do projects with people that can end up becoming important to them personally, even when they are really not working out as team members. They tolerate them, even though they aren’t a good fit.

It’s actually easy to hire someone who is not a good fit, because we tend to be drawn to people who are a lot like us! But what we generally need is someone who has different strengths than we do – and that requires a very intentional review of exactly what you require as you’re going through the hiring process.

A very important lesson to learn in running a business is this:

Do what you are good at.
Do NOT do what you are NOT good at.
Delegate out your areas of weakness.

4. Tolerating networking and other groups that aren’t a good fit

Networking is essential for all business owners, as all businesses need connections with people to thrive. But here’s the thing:

Networking generally takes a lot of time!

This is revolutionary for business owners to understand: Not all networking groups are for all businesses!

If you’re not getting much out of your networking group, STOP GOING! I’m giving you permission to find a new one! Go where your people are – you’ll reap so much more in terms of clientele if you invest your networking time more intentionally.

Know this: Your time is worth something. Don’t tolerate the things in your business that just waste it!

So what do you need to stop tolerating NOW that will help you double and triple your sales?