Unforgettable experiences that take your brand to the next level with Wendy Porter

Wendy Porter is the Event Execution Expert and the Chief Events Officer of Wendy Porter Events LLC. Utilizing over two decades of experience with large corporations, she produces meetings and events that leave your attendees captivated from the first scanned badge to the last goodie bag.

From leadership meetings and national sales conferences, to trade shows, music festivals, sporting events, award galas, and more, Wendy has proven experience producing unforgettable experiences that take your brand to the next level.Your reputation hinges on your next high-profile event. How will you guarantee that your attendees rave about it? With thousands of details, limited time, and overburdened resources you want an expert who turns your event into an unforgettable brand-building experience!    

  • Concetta Daley says:

    The Sales Training business is loaded with one liners and cliches. It is good to see someone who has a real grasp of the subject matter. Thank You

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