Three Steps to Take Now to Move From Surviving to Thriving

“Some businesses are going to come back more profitable than ever.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (02:51-02:56)

In this episode, I talk about three steps to take now to go from surviving to thriving in your business. It’s so important for you to have that mindset right now. The goal of this episode is not to minimize the impact of COVID-19 by any means. Instead, to send love to all those people who have been affected healthwise and financially. And, to send gratitude to all of our first responders, nurses, and doctors helping save a lot of lives. 

Part One of ‘Three Steps to Take Now to Move From Surviving to Thriving’

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a couple of comparisons between who's doing well and who's not. It seems like people are split down the middle like either people have given up or stopped in their businesses or some of them are thriving. But right now, those businesses that had to shut down, who did pivot, are ready to come back and are going to come back with higher revenue.


“Pay attention to your thoughts.” — Ursula Mentjes (05:49-05:51)


It's essential to pay attention to your thoughts, your beliefs, and what your narrative is right now. What's the story that's running for you about what's happening? Because when you tune into that, that's where you can make that shift. And for those of you who are doing well right now, but you haven't permitted yourself to thrive yet, this is for you. If you feel like you've been hanging on trying to get through this, move out of that thinking.

Part Two of ‘Three Steps to Take Now to Move From Surviving to Thriving’

There are three steps to move from surviving to thriving right now. 

  • Decide

You decide how you are going to move forward. You choose how you're going to move through the pandemic, it's up to you. Like every other goal that manifested in your personal and business life, you make the decision first. 

  • Shift

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop listening to everybody else's narrative. Stop watching everybody else's path. As a business owner, you can use power affirmations like, "No matter what, my business is not only going to survive, we are going to thrive." Once you make that decision, you'll notice that some limiting beliefs will show up. 

  • Move

After deciding to shift, you have to get moving. Figure out what's not right about those limiting beliefs and start to look at what is possible.


“COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to make major shifts in our business.” —  Ursula Mentjes (17:28-17:31)


What does your business look like? Who are you working with? Have you changed your packages? Because the truth is, the pandemic has given us all an opportunity to make significant shifts in our business and let go of the things we no longer wanted to do anyway. Start to confront your limiting beliefs. 


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