Effective Strategies for Selling Yourself and Your Products with Thomas Blackwell

Today we have the very cool, very fun, incredible Thomas Blackwell on the show! Thomas has given over one thousand talks and presentations to Corporations, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Sales Teams, Athletes, Religious Groups and Students, over the last fifteen years.  His unique style of speaking operates at the level of inspiration and it really allows those in attendance to make tangible and life-changing decisions while providing them with the necessary tools to implement those decisions.

While attending Northern Arizona University, on a Music Voice Scholarship, Thomas played Tennis and Soccer and he later coached Tennis at the Division One level. 

He has written the book The Liberty Of Our Language Revealed, which has transformed the language and the mindset of people all over the world. 

Thomas’s business experience runs very deep because he has owned and operated a successful seven-figure Insurance  Agency, with over a hundred agents and three different locations.

Thomas was asked to tell a story in seven minutes, to a group of over ten thousand people, when realizing some significant success in his business, in 2004. His being asked to speak and inspire people, as a Keynote Speaker and Facilitator has not stopped since then! This has lead him to this vocation, which he did not even recognize as an option before. 

One of his greatest accomplishments was convincing his high school sweetheart to marry him, so Thomas is a husband and also a father to four beautiful girls. He is a simple guy at heart who mows his many acres with his John Deere tractor and drives a truck called Buddy (which doubles it’s value when full of gas!). Listen in now, to learn some of his really effective strategies and to find out what Thomas thinks about sales and selling.