The Proof Is In The Success

Illustration of arrows directed upwards as success

I talk a lot about helping people double and triple their sales. Anyone truly can do it, and it’s not difficult. I am aware that skeptics abound, yet when they stick around long enough, they inevitably see enough success to realize that it’s true.

You actually can double and triple your sales. Anyone can!

At the Quantum Sales Summit, we featured a number of success stories from clients that had doubled and tripled their sales. I wanted all of them to have speaking slots, but I had so many that I had to get creative, so we presented them in a panel style. They shared wisdom that they had learned about how they doubled and tripled their sales, and grew their businesses. Among the panelists, we had businesses of all kinds, from nonprofits to goods and services to direct sales professionals.

I asked them all several questions, but one of the most valuable was “What one piece of advice do you have for those who are wanting to double their sales?”

What each of them had to say was profoundly simple. It was incredibly inspiring for those who are just getting ready to get started. Among their responses were:

1. Know your numbers. If you don’t know where you stand, you don’t know what you’re trying to double! Know your numbers and track them because you may find that your sales more than double!

2. Think big was a resoundingly popular response! Don’t be limited by your beliefs! Be unrealistic – review your goals, and expand them. There is no point in thinking small. If you’re going to be intentional, be intentional about being big.

3. Follow up! Get rid of the limiting belief that you’re bugging people! Sometimes, changing this one limiting belief is all it takes for a business to skyrocket.

4. Take personal responsibility. Nobody is going to do it for you. So make the necessary changes to make it happen!

5. Get your ONE great goal. When you have your ONE great goal in front of you, all the other things you want to accomplish will fall into place. When you’re constantly chasing after other goals – even if they are related to your one great goal – the big one never seems to get fulfilled.

6. It is all possible. It is. It is ALL possible. Whatever it is you want – and not just in terms of financial gains – you can make it all happen.

7. Have systems and track everything. Track your numbers, inventory, email lists, social media, marketing – track it all, and have systems in place to help you do so. If you’re trying to do it all yourself, you’ll stagnate and you’ll never grow. Systems make running a business infinitely smoother.

8. You don’t need to work harder – just smarter! We saw several business owners who had doubled and tripled their sales – many while still being able to work part time hours! Like I mentioned above, anything is possible, especially when it’s planned, systemized, and done with intention.

The proof is in the success. There was so much of it – and it was so simple. It can be done, because it has been done. And it can be done again – by you.