The Power of Mindset During Turbulent Times with Mike Mooney

“We all have the opportunity to prosper.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (08:48-08:52)

As a business leader, what's your biggest challenge right now as you're leading? People have been adhering to social distancing and virtual connections in exchange. The internet has long been there, but we're not using it as we are now, considering many workers have transitioned to working remotely. In this week's episode, we're going to talk about the power of mindset during turbulent times together with a special guest, Mike Mooney.

Part One of ‘The Power of Mindset During Turbulent Times with Mike Mooney

Mike Mooney has been going in circles for the last twenty-five years in the high-speed world of motorsports. Mike built a reputation for creating award-winning campaigns that drove brand athlete and sports property distinction, protection, and recovery. Mike represented many highly regarded brands such as Mercedes Benz, 3M, Tylenol, Walmart, Eli Lilly, and Fifth Third Bank with a passion for personal empowerment, self-development, and results. He left racing to share the lessons and experiences from high pressure, high-visibility, and high-performing careers. 

He speaks, coaches and consults with individuals and leaders to help them proactively shift the way they value, manage and build their brands and reputations in this hyperconnected world. His breakthrough book, Reputation Shift - Lessons from Pit Road to the Boardroom, is a roadmap with ready to use personal branding and reputation building strategies for people who want to create greater personal and professional opportunities. Mike lives in Huntersville, North Carolina, with his wife, three children and two dogs. He's active in his community, volunteers with veterans' groups and the Boy Scouts of America.


“I'm a big mental health advocate.” — Ursula Mentjes (24:44-24:45)


There's no one-size-fits-all way to manage people's emotions right now because of isolation, depression, anxiety, and even things that aren't work-related. Sadly, all of us are being forced to shift in so many different ways in our lives. And the way we think can impact the results we produce at work. But as a business leader, you need to be authentic and supportive to help your team produce excellent results. 

If you're in the sales industry, if you think it's still all about making money during this pandemic, you're wrong. Today's currency is trust and relationships. Also, there's a difference now between opportunity and being opportunistic. Opportunity is when you're delivering value and you're focusing on helping people. Opportunistic is when you're out there just trying to peddle something and it's just transactional. 

There's nothing wrong with aiming for high profits, but it's best to focus on strengthening your relationship with your clients because they're all hurting too. We've seen it out of the Great Depression through the recession. People will remember who stood by them and who was there for them when the times were tough.

Part Two of ‘The Power of Mindset During Turbulent Times with Mike Mooney’

Transactional mindset is all about the currency but relational mindset is about trust. Relationships strengthened by trust goes a long way. It's time for you to start creating emotional souvenirs that will take your products and services to the next level, and make people remember you more. 

There's a difference between regular leadership and thought leadership. Regular leadership is getting things done while thought leadership is about determining the vision and how it can be accomplished in a way that gets people to think, move and act differently.


“Be an authentic and supportive leader.” —  Ursula Mentjes (20:27-20:31)


Right now, there's a tremendous opportunity to ignite light because we're all in the same storm, but we're in different boats. People are giving each other a little more grace in how they're showing up. Everyone's experiencing various shifts, whether it's personally, relationally, professionally, emotionally, or physically. You may not control everything that's happening around you, but you get to control your attitude, decisions and behavior.

Do you see this as an opportunity to step into a portal that can take you somewhere better if you take the time to invest your resources in yourselves? Or do you see yourself, your company, your team, as being in a hole? The choice comes down to perspective. More than ever, we need to be models of prosperity and thriving right now and showing the world what's possible because the more money we make, the more significant impact we can make.

Stay consistent, deliberate, and intentional with your work so that you and your team can deliver value within your tribe. Daily improvement is going to make a much bigger difference. If you're a business leader, thank you again for everything you're doing to help create a strong community for small business owners out there.


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