The Power of Association

Who do you associate with in your life the most? Think of the top 5 accomplices, friends, or family members with whom you spend the most of your time.

Now, consider this: do you want the life that they lead? Do you want to be just like them?

Because you see, you may find that you are a lot more like them than you even realize.

Most people don’t “choose” who they associate with. Their sphere of influence usually happens through convenience or happenstance. Family members, co-workers, or people that happen to walk a similar path as us usually end up being those that we associate with the most.

But did you know that most of your life will largely look like the lives of the top 5 people with whom you spend your time?

Think about it.

You will probably find that the top 5 people within your sphere of influence are usually dealing with similar struggles, they experience similar highs and lows – and usually, they will be close to the same income as you are.

Why is that?

It’s called the Power of Association – and its influence cannot be understated.

Robert Kiyosaki wrote in Rich Dad Poor Dad that “If you want to be rich, choose your friends carefully.”

His advice? Choose your friends – and choose them based on what you can learn.

He also said something profound. That he has never had someone that he considered “poor” ask him how to be successful. Instead, they usually ask for a loan or a job. But, you see, he was always willing to share the wealth of knowledge regarding how he became successful.

If only someone would have asked.

Do you associate with the kind of people that would ask? Or do you associate with those who would ask for the loan or job? The answer to that may reveal a lot to you.

This is just one of many topics that we discussed in my last podcast with the amazing Thomas Blackwell. Among many other things, Thomas talked with me about the importance of “hanging out in the eagle’s nest,” and the powerful influence that your association can have on you. It affects your growth, your mindset, your motivation, and ultimately, your success.

It’s why, when successful people gather together, it’s electric! They feed on each other’s strengths. “Like begets like!”

So, who are you associating with?

And more importantly, who do you need to associate with?

Choose those people wisely: with intention.