The One Thing Successful People Don’t Make

no excusesCan we just admit that life is full of challenges? It’s ok to be real and truthful about life. On social media, the term “adulting” has become fashionable by those in their 20’s – 40’s, and it’s been used as an amusing and light – hearted term to express that life is, in effect, heavy. “Adulting,” it turns out, isn’t always what we envisioned through innocent childhood eyes.

But, since we’re being real, here’s the truth: that’s no excuse. “Life is hard” is not an excuse for not living it to the fullest. At the end of the day, your life is your responsibility. So what are you doing with it?

Have you ever met anyone that did nothing but make excuses about everything in their life? They have an excuse for always being late, an excuse for not finishing their projects, an excuse for not losing weight, an excuse for their children’s behavior, and an excuse for struggling financially. Is that a person that you really want to spend a lot of time with? Or do you find them rather draining on your energy?

Contrarily, the person that sits on the opposite side of the spectrum is the one with a lot of energy. This is the person that often times has every reason to grumble, complain, or make excuses, and yet they don’t. They push through, they endure, they stretch, learn, grow, succeed, and accomplish. When you’re in the presence of this person, you feel their energy, you want to be better, and you want to be a part of whatever they are doing.

Now I ask you: Which person are you?

More importantly, which one do you choose to be?

One thing I truly love about sales is that it stretches people out of their comfort zone. Sales is quite simple when you get right down to it. But sometimes it requires stretching your comfort zone. It requires you to learn, experiment, and tread in unfamiliar waters. Sales requires a level of professionalism that demands living with a personal standard of excellence.

In effect, it requires you to live and work without excuses.

So what are your excuses?

Selling is hard.
I don’t like making phone calls.
People don’t like salespeople.
I don’t want to come across as annoying or pushy.
I don’t believe I can do it.

In my line of work, part of what I do is attempt to dismiss all of those myths about selling. Because in my experience, none of those are true.


Even if they WERE true, they are still not legitimate excuses for not making your business work.

Are you going to live in your comfort zone – otherwise known as the failure zone? Or are you going to step out of that zone, risk feeling a little uncomfortable, and choose to be successful?

I saw a picture the other day that said “You can’t make excuses AND make money.” I absolutely agree. So, which is it going to be?