The Belief Zone with Ursula Mentjes

“Your beliefs matter more than ever.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (04:26-04:28)

Are you struggling to break through your current financial ceiling and successfully create a life aligned with your most authentic desires? You are not alone! 


Many business owners are struggling to adopt the right mindset to break through the limiting beliefs that keep them anchored and stuck during the pandemic. 


This is why I'm excited to talk about creating a new Belief Zone and astounding sales (and life) results into simple steps that anyone can apply to generate more money and a truly blessed life right now! Don't wait until this pandemic is over.


In The Belief Zone, you will discover:

  • A Fresh New Take on Belief and The Law of Attraction 
  • Learn to Leverage The Right Mindset Amidst The Pandemic to Achieve Sales and Other Life Goals 
  • Acquire the Processes and Technologies Required to Step into a New Belief Zone and Stay There


Part One of ‘The Belief Zone with Ursula Mentjes’


Entrepreneurs know that some of the best businesses come out of the worst times — because sometimes in our darkest moments, innovations provide beacons of light!


If you are having a hard time knowing WHEN, WHERE, and HOW to pivot your business, keep reading.


I've learned that hard work does not translate into dollars. You can work hard but still not make enough money. 


Example: One of my first jobs was hoeing the weeds out of the bean fields. I made three dollars an hour at the end of the day. I took that work ethic into corporate America, and I worked physically hard. 


Somehow, it did pay off, and I made a lot of money. By the time I was twenty-three years old, I never thought I could earn a tremendous amount of money. So, that was a big jump for me. It rocked my world in terms of what was possible! But I had these limiting beliefs I had not taken the time to deal with, such as "money doesn't grow on trees." Since my early twenties were all about hard physical work, my health deteriorated. 


 “If you have limiting beliefs about how much money you deserve, it doesn't matter how much strategy you have.” — Ursula Mentjes (13:27-13:36)


This was when I knew I had to pivot. I left the corporate world to start my first coaching company called Potential Quest, Inc. I quickly realized that all the clients who were coming to me were the ones struggling in sales. Since then, I became known for helping people bust through their sales blocks, sales limits, and financial limits to get to the next level. By the time I launched my company, I had decided to get a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. At the same time, I found out about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and there was a program in San Francisco, California, at the NLP Institute of California. 


Fast forward, I can teach you how to scale your business all day long. But if you have a limiting belief about how much money you deserve, how much money you can make, how much money you can handle, if you have limited beliefs around that, it doesn't matter how much strategy you have. You will not bust through that ceiling, or if you do, you will do for a month, and you will go right back to where you started. I call it financial set points. If you've been a listener of the show for a while, you've heard many of our clients talk about the one or two limiting beliefs that they shifted, that were super impactful to their level of success.


Moving into the new belief zone allows you to see opportunities that have always been around you. You must be willing to take steps outside of your comfort zones like hiring somebody, changing a program, raising your prices, picking up the phone, and all other things you don't like to do. Eleanor Roosevelt says, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." And the reason that that quote is so powerful is because the thing you think you cannot do is the exact thing that's keeping you stuck right now. Once you push through it, there's so much freedom and power on the other side of that!


Part Two of ‘The Belief Zone with Ursula Mentjes’


Moving to the next level requires digging up the reasons behind your desire to earn six-figures in money or beyond. What are you aiming to create, and why do you want a seven-figure business? You have to get clear on it and write down the details as much as possible because writing your goals down brings them to fruition and allows synchronicity to show up. 


Did you know that a great way to move faster into synchronicity is to create a gratitude list? There is something so incredibly powerful about connecting to what you're grateful for. It's like an almost instant shift! When we feel great, we attract great things. How often do you think about what you're grateful for? What would happen if you kept a gratitude list and wrote five to ten ideas every day? I tell you, the result is super powerful! 


“Write your goals down so you can bring them to fruition.” —  Ursula Mentjes (18:00-18:05)


As humans, we continue to evolve. Our limiting beliefs are like onion layers that we need to peel off. The moment you start shifting your limiting beliefs, don't stop and keep going through that process. It's easy to stop, but you have to remember that your level of belief in yourself will inevitably manifest itself in whatever you do. According to your new belief, you have to act in a new way and trust that everything will work out for your good. 


Matthew 17:20 says, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."


As creative entrepreneurs, we can keep creating forever. My challenge for you is to create the business that you want. Be clear on the products or services that you're going to offer. Create the right price points that are in alignment with you. I'm rooting for you, and I know that you'll achieve your goals as long as you remain focused and keep these news beliefs in mind. 


About Ursula Mentjes:

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