How To Transform Your Business As A Heart-tepreneur with Terri Levine

Dr. Terri Levine is a lady with a mission! She’s a top Business and Marketing Strategist who’s changing the way that business owners around the world connect with their target audience and then select and serve their customers and employees. She really has a lot to give, so it’s no wonder that she’s known as The Business Mentoring Expert With Heart.

She’s known for consulting with business owners to stop selling, marketing and operating businesses using the traditional methods and to move them into true, authentic, heart to heart, people centered communication models, where sales and marketing are done with authenticity and transparency.

Dr. Levine has more than thirty years of of business, sales and marketing experience and she’s also the best selling author of over thirty titles and she’s worked with over five thousand business owners, to date. Terri’s latest book, Turbo Charge- How To Transform Your Business As A Heart-tepreneur, hit the Amazon best seller list only twenty four hours after it’s release!

Terry has a mission- to change the way that business is done in the twenty first century and to create a movement of hundreds of thousands of heart-trepreneurs, doing business heart to heart.

You will really do well to read Terri’s books and also to become part of her community. You can go to her website to get lots of free resources and tools that you can download.

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