Strategies for Finding the Right Team That Takes Your Online Business to The Next Level with Bob Dietrich


On the Double Your Sales Now podcast, you will discover top resources to selling strategies, powerful tips, and best practices to open your mind and performance to the next level. You can double your sales, too! In this episode, we are joined by Bob Dietrich to talk about the strategies for finding the right team that takes your online business to the next level.


Check out Bob's amazing gift:


Bob Dietrich is an Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of BrainWorx Inc. where he helps children and adults overcome the effects of behavioral and learning challenges (such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, Sensory Disorder, etc.), without medication.


Bob uses scientifically proven techniques that promote brain development, integrate reflexes, and rewire limiting beliefs. The results are dramatic. Visit his website to learn more. 


Key areas we covered in this episode: 


  • Build your virtual sales team that can work based on performance (no results, no commissions)


  • How a team can support you in doing more of your genius work. Stop being a bottleneck in your business and get out of your own way, so you can actually focus on what you LOVE!


  • Learn the perfect sales recruitment strategy to take your business to the next level like YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!


  • Discover how to set the right legal agreements in place so you can have an organized business structure. This is more important than you might think ESPECIALLY if you do not want to be dealing with ugly lawsuits or having to hire a lawyer!


  • Know the languages of your prospects and what their hotspots are. If you don’t have those conversations, you don’t know what’s actually going on! Move forward with a renewed sense of confidence in solving clients’ problems instead!


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