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Stacey Aguirre is the Director of Sales and Marketing for CLIPA, We Sell Christmas, Celebration Holiday Studio, Clipa Buyers Group and is the Owner at Red Sleigh Workshop.


Since 2003, Stacey has been involved in the Holiday Décor, Lighting, and Banner Industry. At CLIPA, LLC the sales and marketing team is the engine that drives our global reach in Christmas business education and lighting solutions. As Director of Sales and Marketing, Stacey helps keep the revenue engine running through leadership of a highly motivated team. With in-depth knowledge and a track record of success with the Commercial Holiday Lighting and Christmas Décor sales process, cold-calling, lead generation, relationship building, business development, and closing deals, she inspires the same in others. 


Sales in the Christmas Industry requires leaders with the ability to coach, advise and motivate each other to create and maintain a high-performance team. Red Sleigh Workshop is Stacey’s consulting business engaged with commercial companies and their clients to provide expert designs and high-end decor solutions worldwide!


They have LIVE virtual and In-person regional training for CLIPA (Christmas light installation pros association) certification. 


Learn more about “Why Christmas Lights” by scheduling a complimentary business consultation with Stacey here:


This appointment can be 30 minutes or up to 1 hour, depending on your needs. Stacey is looking forward to serving you and helping you Light Up Your Holidays!


See the 2021 event schedule here:


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  • Mark Roy says:

    It makes me happy to see how you have grown and earned your position at CLIPA from your beginnings at DL when I was the VP. I wish you nothing but continued success in the future.

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