Someone Needs To Hear From You

What I am selling is too common! Nobody will buy from me because they can already get what I have anywhere else! Have you ever found yourself thinking this in your sales? This limiting belief is the idea that your market is saturated – so why bother?

I want to challenge this limiting belief! Because no matter who you are or what you’ve got, there IS a target market for your product or service!

Furthermore, your target market is buying from you – and THAT is something they can’t get anywhere else.

My latest podcast interview was with the amazing Justin Sachs, the CEO and founder of Motivational Press, who published The Belief Zone. His credentials list is a mile long, as is his successful sales career! Despite being very young, he created massive success for himself as an author, speaker, and industry leader in the publishing world. He blew it out of the park in our podcast interview – don’t miss this show!

This limiting belief about market saturation is not unique to any specific industry. But it tends to be rampant in authors, speakers, and coaches. A lot of people who have experienced growing success find that they have a lot to share and they consider putting it in print. But the limiting belief almost always arises that “There are already millions of books out there. Why is mine going to have any impact?”

You’re right – there ARE millions of books out there! But it’s likely that very few of those millions are authored by you – and YOU are the one that brings the difference. Your story matters a great deal because nobody has walked your path except you! Furthermore, nobody can tell your story quite like you can!

As Justin Sachs put it, “Your uniqueness is simply in how you differentiate yourself in everyone else.”

As an individual and salesperson, you are capable of way more than you ever give yourself credit for! So if that book inside of you is trying to get out, do it. Somebody out there needs it – because your story will teach them, encourage them, or resonate with them. Someone out there is waiting to hear from you.