Small Changes Produce Big Results

Time and time again, I’m astounded at the simplicity and power of making small changes that produce big results. I love when I see what I teach being lived out and demonstrated by successful sales professionals.

The key to doubling and tripling your sales lies entirely in your mindset. Sales is easy – when you have the right mindset and when you work with intention.

Do not miss this!

We talk about this one over and over again. Before any sort of significant change can happen in your sales or business, limiting beliefs must be shifted. There is no way around this. So many people are three feet from gold and they miss this – and it’s the most important part!

In our most recent podcast, Wanda Allen talked with me about what happened when she shifted her limiting beliefs. Coming from a corporate background, she describes herself as being “stiff” and “full of angst” in her approach to sales.

The specific moment that changed everything for her was when she realized the stiffness she had was creating a disconnect between herself and her clients. When she let go of her forceful mindset approach to sales, she says “the flow showed up!”

What was different? What was the shift?

She simply shifted her belief. And everything… everything… changed for her.

In that shift, she realized that her target clients truly want what she has to offer. Serving them became a matter of heart and connection, and less about going through all the motions. Her clients started buying into her before they bought into what she had to offer.


Because they bought into her, they bought what she had to offer! Then, it wasn’t work anymore – selling became her service, and it was a joy to sell.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

There is tremendous value in investing into your relationships – after all, you’re selling to people first! Stay in touch with people you connect with, and if necessary, have a system in place to help you. (Consider a Customer Relations Manager for instance).

Your relationships are ultimately going to be the gold mine that will produce success – don’t neglect them!

Now, of course it’s still important to keep systems in place – systems for follow up, connection, time management appointment setting, etc. The nuts and bolts of sales are important – but they become exponentially more effective once the limiting beliefs have shifted.

So, what are you selling? Are you selling products and services? Is that really what your target clients are buying? Or are you “selling yourself” first – then letting the flow come? It’s such a subtle, small change to make – yet the potential results are huge.