Selling with Intention: The Mindset and Tools You Need to Double or Triple Your Sales This Year!

“Selling is not about you. It's about the people you're meant to serve.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (13:06-13:09)

As we're coming through this pandemic and moving forward, a lot of us have forgotten the basics of selling. And it's so crucial for all of us to permit ourselves to sell again. 


Ask yourself, “am I getting the results that I want?” We think we know something but we do not get results from it because we're not doing it consistently. Consistently making follow-up calls, consistently making sales calls, and consistently putting time on our calendar. 


Choose to thrive, not just survive during this time. Why not get to that next level somewhere? This week's episode, let's go through the ten principles about selling with intention so you can double or triple your sales this year.


Part One of ‘Selling with Intention: The Mindset and Tools You Need to Double or Triple Your Sales This Year!’


  • Discover how to sell with intention.


Selling with attention means anticipating a great outcome before you get started. Before you pick up the phone, notice your attitude and how you're showing up. Are you expecting the other person to pick up the phone? 


We're much more powerful than we think. When you have the intention for them to not only answer the phone but to connect with you, something amazing will happen. 


Often, we can go into sales meetings and not be prepared, so we end up with a great conversation and we walk out. When you intend to close a sale, you show up more confidently. You show up to solve their problem and your prospect will feel that connection.


  • Know what you want and how to get it.


We tend to have so many goals and it's very confusing for us. But it's a simple process to write down your top ten goals and then choose your top five down to your top three. Find out what your one great goal is and decide that goal will happen no matter what.


“Be a professionally persistent problem solver so you can serve at the highest level.” — Ursula Mentjes (15:05-15:13)


  • Be the problem solver


Many of us get stuck in the belief that we have to know everything in the sales process. We think we have to be the perfect salesperson. We think there are some sort of powerful and magical words that are going to bring clients to say yes and pay right away. But then, we're making it all about us. The truth is, selling isn't about you. It's about the people we're here to serve and solve someone's problem. 


Focus on being an authentic problem solver. You're picking up a phone to call someone to solve their problem. You're putting your online program out in the world to solve a problem. You're doing a launch to solve a problem. You're doing a webinar or podcast to solve their problem.


  • Define your target client


Some clients are not a good fit for your business and many of us have had clients who drain our energy who aren't a good fit. But that doesn't mean they're not a good fit for somebody else. They could be a blessing for somebody else's business and not be a good fit for yours. 


The other reason we often don't want to get clear on who our target client is that we have a limiting belief that there's not enough. Here's what's not right about that limiting belief -  there's more than enough business for every single one of us. What you have to do first is to get clear and committed to who your target point is and make the decision that you are all in.


Part Two of ‘Selling with Intention: The Mindset and Tools You Need to Double or Triple Your Sales This Year!’


  • Create an intentional schedule and follow it


For many entrepreneurs and sales professionals, setting an intentional schedule and following it can be challenging and often a place where we run into resistance. We like to be out selling and doing our own thing. As business visionaries, we can easily forget this fifth principle. 


Get clear on your sales goals and how many appointments you need each month. Build your schedule around that. Some of you are going to get stuck on the numbers, but there's no perfection required here. Figure out how many qualified appointments you need every month, like taking the time to figure out and go with best guesses.


  • Develop your system for follow-up


Statistically, we know, on average, we have to follow up five or more times to close an appointment. Now, people who go through sales camp or have sales training can shorten that cycle significantly. That's just an average, but if you're not sure, definitely follow up five or more times to see if someone is interested in working with you. 


Your prospect is constantly judging whether or not they want to do business with you, and they're judging you on how professional you are and how you follow up. Give them a reason to buy from you.


  • Educate your partners and clients


Every business is different. We have clients who are brick and mortar, and they have business cards because they're in a community. So, it's a different way of referring. But sometimes, referrals happen naturally. We get referrals from clients and other people. The next level is to develop a referral system that works in your business. How can you make it easy for people to refer to you?


“They could be a blessing for somebody else's business and not be a good fit for yours.” —  Ursula Mentjes (16:02-16:05)


  • Connect with intention


Selling is not telling. Take the pressure off yourself again. Selling is asking powerful, open-ended questions. When you connect with intention, you become an active listener. You repeat back what your prospects said to you so they feel heard and you listen. 


Listening is one of the greatest skills that we can develop as sales professionals. We don't do it enough because there's all this pressure that we think we have to keep talking. But during this pandemic where people feel scared and lonely, you must learn how to listen more. When you can create that space of being a great listener, they will never forget you.


  • Get the appointment


It is essential to get an appointment to talk about what you have to offer separate from just calling someone. What you don't want to do is start calling people and trying to sell right away. What you do want to do is have a powerful and authentic sales script that checks in and invites someone to have an appointment with you at a separate time. You're setting up another time to talk, so they are in the right mindset to listen, to connect, to understand, and to decide.


  • Ask for the business. Ask for the sale.


We don't want to be perceived as being pushy. You want to offer people choices. You want to provide your prospect choices. Before that, you want to ask a lot of great open-ended questions about their pain and goals so you can understand and summarize what they share with you. And as humans, we like options. We like to be able to make decisions. If someone wants what you have, the money will show up for them. It's got to be out there somewhere.


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