Sell BIG… Serve Bigger with Debbie Allen


On the Double Your Sales Now podcast, I teach you how to double your sales revenues in as short as two months! We are joined again with International Speaker, Debbie Allen, to talk about how to sell and serve bigger. She is ranked in the top 5% of business speakers worldwide.


Have you ever wondered why some businesses are highly successful, while others struggle to simply stay one step ahead of their competitors? Thousands of people who have attended Debbie Allen’s live events around the world have learned the innovative sales skills and proven money-making marketing strategies required to achieve massive success. It’s your opportunity to discover the same success strategies that have helped others reach their peak potential by one of the world’s leading marketing gurus, Debbie Allen.


Key areas we covered in this episode:


  • How Debbie Allen was able to explore and take action on a new revenue stream during the pandemic that didn’t require her to be on stage. We’re talking about passive income and a business model that is expected to grow to over 3 million dollars within 2-3 years. 


  • If you do not feel passionate or that your heart is fulfilled RIGHT NOW, pay attention to that and look for new opportunities. You never know what connection you can make at random that will be life-changing.


  • Why selling online is NOT about selling cheap. You do NOT need to discount services or products that you offer. Learn how Debbie Allen’s mentor did $100,000 dollars from one 90-minute webinar during the pandemic. 


  • If you are ahead of your game, people will think “Hey, I have to hop on that train because 2021 has to be different!” Gain some insights on how you can Sell BIG… Serve Bigger. 


  • How Debbie has sold many virtual and live VIP experiences in 2020 teaching entrepreneurs how to: do an online business, be an expert, make good money selling online by selling $20,000 dollar programs. 


  • Develop a mindset that if they don’t invest, they can’t move their business forward. Promote yourself more effectively and open up a world of business opportunities.


  • Maintain your emotional connection effectively with your power clients regardless of transitioning to the virtual world.


  • How to pay attention and think about the opportunities just from a conversation, like contacting someone you just met five minutes ago and many more follow up tips that get you noticed, not trashed.


The need for innovative marketing has never been more critical for business than it is today! If you’re ready to dramatically increase your sales and profits, this is a must-watch episode.

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