Scale Your Business with Rebekah Hall

“Courage means you don’t let

 fear stop you.”

— Rebekah Hall (07:57-08:08)

It’s normal for entrepreneurs to feel stuck in the process of growing their business. But sometimes it takes a new set of eyes to help you find ways to re-energize and get back on track. You don’t need to be in the business for decades to earn up to seven figures. There are proper strategies to take your business to the next level. In this week’s episode, Ursula Mentjes and her special guest Rebekah Hall talk about how you can scale your business.

Part One of ‘Scale Your Business with Rebekah Hall’

Rebekah Hall is a veteran business coach who has more than ten years of experience working with over 2,500 companies. She’s the former director of organizational development and leadership coaching for a $100 million tech company in Arizona, and her specialty areas include operation systems, sales, marketing strategies, product development, leadership, revenue modeling, and management of an aircraft.

“Don’t be afraid to change because you might gain something better.” — Rebekah Hall (15:02-15:14)

Scaling is an essential part of the business. It’s the act of building a solid foundation for your business to grow. Just like a tree with a good root system, scaling helps to grow tall and branch out. Do you ever wonder what the easiest way to achieve success is? There’s no shortcut to success, but your attitude determines your altitude. You will succeed in the business world by not letting your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs hold you back. Always move forward no matter what happens.

Part Two of ‘Scale Your Business with Rebekah Hall’

Be coachable, and don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re not sure of something. Have the courage and confidence to do things you’ve never done before, even if it feels uncomfortable. Sometimes people are okay with the norm and being comfortable, even though they don’t get the results they want. Be willing to change things up and get a little bit uncomfortable to get what you want.

“We forget that the things we do every day are the things that make the biggest difference.” —  Ursula Mentjes (14:34-14:38)

Do you know how critical marketing is to business? It’s the engine of business. The more you want your business to grow, the more time it will require. Nobody wakes up with a significant amount of money in their bank account instantly. You’re going to have to dig in and build some systems. Just like losing weight, it takes consistency and a lot of hard work. One of the reasons that people struggle with systems is because they don’t understand what a system is. 

If you’re new in the business, time management is essential. How do you spend your time? Start looking at every area of your business that needs your attention and make it work. As you strive to be more prominent, you must put different systems in place that will support a more significant foundation.

More About Rebekah Hall

Rebekah is a veteran business coach with over 10 years of experience and has worked with over 2500 companies.  She is the former Director of Organizational Development and Leadership Coaching for a $100 million dollar tech company in Arizona.  Her specialty areas are operations, systems, sales, marketing strategies, product development, leadership, revenue modeling, and even management of private aircraft.

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