Holistic Problem Solving with Sarah Becker

I am very excited to have Sarah Becker with me today! Sarah is a holistic problem solver and she is super smart- in fact, she’s a real genius! She has some really great stories to tell you today and I’m sure you’re going to want to take some notes, so be sure to have your pen and note-pad ready when you listen in to and hear the awesome tips she has to offer you.

Sarah is really passionate about helping people and with her unique set of skills, which range from Excel spreadsheet guru to process improvement expert, to energy healer, and she is able to solve problems in a way that others simply cannot.

Sarah spent ten years in corporate America, even though for much of that she felt she should have her own business. Six of those years were spent with one of the nation’s top retailers and it was there that she honed her problem-solving skills. She became known as The Fixer because she could solve any challenge that was sent her way. She really loved converting her co-workers’ painful daily tasks into simple, and automated slices of heaven! She has never yet met a task that she has not been able to improve!

Sarah left the corporate world to bring her knowledge to the small business space because people work way harder than they actually need to. So Sarah’s main goal is to make your work and your personal life easier and more enjoyable. Listen in today to find out more!

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  • Loved hearing that Sarah wanted to be her fun loving self! I feel that too, why do we think that we can’t be our selves when we work?
    Thank you for Sharing!

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