Sales Isn’t REALLY About Selling

Sales isn’t really about selling. Not exactly.

It’s not overcoming objections, making calls, scheduling appointments, exchanging currency for products or services, or signing contracts.

Now, certainly, those are things that you do in sales. But sales isn’t just a specific genre of to-do list.

Sales is, in reality, far more simple than that. Successful sales is all about becoming the type of person and client that you want to attract – then letting them come to you. After that, it’s easy peasy.

Let me explain.

I talk a lot about energy being the driving force of everything in life – including money and sales. Too many people tune out when they hear the word energy because they hear something along the lines of “voodoo” – but hear me.

Because this is nothing more than science: quantifiable, measurable, proven facts.

You see, everyone operates on an energetic frequency. It’s biology 101.

The principles and concepts surrounding energy and quantum fields have been known and utilized for thousands of years under various names. Today we have technology and tools to prove it, and the formula for how to put it to use.

Here is the key: everyone operates on a frequency, and we are always trying to connect with others who have the same frequency as us.

Have you ever walked into a room where you just instinctively KNEW that you were going to get along with everyone there? Or conversely, have you ever been in a room where you felt so grossly out of place that you couldn’t stand to stay?

In sales, you simply become the same frequency as your clients and prospects. Then they will subconsciously come to you – and you to them!

So, how do you do that? In short, by being intentional about your thoughts. To read more about how to adjust your energy frequency, check out my article here.

Now understand this: you don’t change your frequency by getting all of your calls, scripts, and appointments right. You tap into the right frequency FIRST – and THEN the calls, scripts, and appointments fall into place rather on their own with minimal effort.

So do you feel that you are swimming upstream so to speak? Are you trying to sell to clients that feel uncomfortable to you? If sales are uncomfortable, take a step back and examine: Where are your thoughts? Or more importantly: What is your energy?

These are a few of the things that I discussed with the dynamic Nancy Clairmont Carr on my last podcast. A successful businesswoman and spiritual energy coach, Nancy teaches her clients on how to use quantum energy fields to improve every aspect of their lives, including their sales. She’s full of life, passion, and wisdom – so this is an episode you do NOT want to miss!