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Are you tired of your sales team not achieving their monthly sales goals? 

Do you wish that they could consistently achieve their sales goals?


Welcome to Sales Camp for Sales Teams


Dear Sales Manager or Business Owner:

When it comes to making sales calls, it is easy to allow fear, limiting beliefs, procrastination, and time management to stop your Sales Team from achieving their sales goals. In my experience as a Top Executive, Sales Manager and Sales Coach, I find that if most people just followed up and set the appointment, they would close more sales.

But they don’t.

I know what it feels like to watch your Sales Team struggle. When I first started out in Sales Management, I had a difficult time teaching my sales team members how to grow their sales. I knew what to do, but I couldn’t seem to convey to them what to do. Trying to help them, and myself, I picked up every book I could on selling—from Brian Tracy to Tom Hopkins—I read them all!

But even with all of their great sales strategies, my sales team’s performance didn’t get much better.

And then I met a couple of mentors (and read a very important book) who taught me the power of intention, sales strategy and synchronicity and something just clicked.


I realized that when I taught my Sales Team to be focused on being intentional in the sales process, their fears disappeared. When they focused on what was best for their prospect, and not their fear of selling, more sales closed. When I showed them how to easily set the appointment and offer solutions to their prospects by “helping them walk over the bridge”, they closed more sales. A lot more sales.

When your Sales Team releases limiting beliefs and fears about selling, they won’t stop themselves from picking up the phone.When your Sales Team learns (and implements) powerful sales scripts, they will be equipped with the tools they need to change how they sell and the results they get.

I have helped my client’s Sales Teams double and triple their sales in as little as 45 days. Your Sales Team is sitting on a mountain of potential. Can you feel it?

During Sales Camp, I will help your Sales Team break through their limiting fears and beliefs about selling, create powerful sales scripts and close more sales.

Don’t wait! Decide, right now, to take this exciting next step and grow your Sales Team’s Sales this year!

Expertise and Professionalism... 

“I cannot say enough about the value Ursula brings to her clients with her expertise and professionalism. She has made a huge difference in sales performance in my business. I would highly recommend her to any sales person or sales team looking to take their business to the next level.”

Christopher Hall
Lead Data Warehouse Architect At American Specialty Health

"Wanting to grow your Sales Team's sales is not enough! Your sales teams needs a mind-set shift to pick up the phone, get more appointments
and close more sales!"


Sales Camp for Sales Teams


In Just 30 Minutes...

“Before working with Ursula, I was struggling with making enough sales to meet my monthly obligations. After working with Ursula just 30 minutes, she helped shift my mind-set from one of surviving to one of thriving, and providing me with sales strategies that catapulted me forward! The result? I made a single $4,600 sale the very next day with great ease, and secured a second 5-figure commitment from another client. Ursula's strategies work! Get yourself to her next Sales Camp and thrive”

Patti Cotton, MA, MAOD, PCC
Executive Coach and Consultant

Where will your Sales Team be 90 days from now...

...if they continue on the path they are on right now? Where could your Sales Team be in 90 days if they knew how to easily set the appointment with top prospects and close the sale? 

I promise you this training will be different from any sales training your Sales Team has ever done before because they will be experiencing success in the moment.

Your Sales Team will be given two 60 minute MP3’s to listen to ahead of time so they can discover how to easily set the appointment with top prospects—in other words, they get started immediately. Then, during the training, your Sales Team will be closing REAL appointments and learning how to easily close the sale.

"Now is the time to make this year your Sales Team's best yet!"



Develop your Sales Team's Sales Scripts

What your Sales Team will learn:

During the Pre-Event, your Sales Team will listen to 2 60-minute MP3’s designed to help them write their sales scripts and develop their top 25 target prospect list.

I will also help your Sales Team develop a powerful “intentional mindset” and explain exactly what they need to do to significantly increase their sales in the next 90 days.

Steps to take before class launches:

  • Listen to the 2 60-minute MP3’s to design Sales Team’s sales scripts and a list of their top 25 prospects
  • Send to Ursula for “tweaking” and feedback
  • Develop the Top 25 Prospect List

DAY 1:

Release Your Sales Team's Limiting Beliefs

What your Sales Team will learn:

On Day 1, I will help your Sales Team release their limiting beliefs and fears to develop a powerful “Intentional Mindset” so they can move out of their comfort zone, into a new belief zone, and close more sales.

I will also help your Sales Team develop their annual, monthly and daily “stretch goals”.

What your Sales Team will implement:

  • Belief Changes and Fear Releases
  • A *brand new* Sales Script to Easily Get the Appointment
  • A powerful “Intentional Mindset”
  • A 90 Day Sales Plan and Sales “Stretch Goal” Strategy

"Decide to make the leap! Now!"

DAY 2:

Set Real Appointments and Close Sales!


What your Sales Team will learn:

Day 2, your Sales Team will learn how to close the sale by developing and implementing a powerful “Closing Script”.

Plus, your Sales Team will discover how to walk prospects "Across the Bridge” and have a comfortable money conversation with their prospects so that they can easily get to “YES” and close more sales.

What your Sales Team will implement:

  • Sales Scripts to Close REAL Appointments over the phone!
  • The “Closing Sales” Script
  • Intentional Money Conversations
  • Finalize Their 90 Day Sales Plan Focused on their Sales Stretch Goal

“I want to take this time to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at Sales Camp this past week. I have to admit I went into it with very little confidence and a negative mindset thinking that sales is not for me! However, Samp Camp was MORE than getting the tools to improve my sales and meeting all my goals. It became a personal growth opportunity for me as well! I have come away with so much that I don't only see but feel myself as a very successful sales person! What I was hoping to get out of this was losing my fear all together and it I have done so. To be honest before I would not even have had the courage to send this to you. I can't thank you enough for what you have shifted me to believe! Thank you!" 

Rojelio (Roy) Jimenez
Sales Executive, Gold Coast HIT Resource Center

"Selling with intention means your Sales Team chooses the result ahead of time!"

In this intimate course, Sales Camp,  your Sales Team will be receiving laser coaching from me personally—that will lead to a significant boost in sales and long term results!

Stop the fear. Stop the procrastination. Create a powerful plan to double your Sales Team’s sales this year.

What your Sales Team will receive


A private Sales Camp Training Event

1-2 Days of customized sales training

Pre-work: Listen to two 60-minute calls on how to create your Sales Team's top 25 list and how to easily set the appointment.

If you are ready to have your Sales Team significantly increase their sales this year, then email me directly to set up a time to discuss next steps. Can’t wait to connect! To your Sales Team’s Sales Success

Legal Disclaimer: These testimonials are representative of the individuals shown here and may not be representative of the experience of others who participate in these programs. These testimonials can be verified with the individuals listed and have not been paid for. Testimonials are never indicative of future performance or success, and is important to do your Sales Team own research before your Sales Team participate in any program or purchase any service.

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