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Dear Entrepreneur or Sales Professional:

When it comes to making sales calls, it is easy to allow fear, limiting beliefs, procrastination, and time management to stop you from achieving your sales goals. In my experience as a Top Executive, Sales Manager, and Sales Coach, I find that if most people just followed up and set the appointment, they would close more sales.

Sound familiar?

I know what it feels like to get in your own way. When I first started out in sales in 1996, I was deeply afraid of making sales calls. It took everything I had just to pick up the phone. To try to overcome my fears, I picked up every book I could on selling. From Brian Tracy to Tom Hopkins, I read them all!

But even with all of their great sales strategies, I didn’t get much better.

And then I met a couple of mentors who taught me the power of intention and synchronicity and something just clicked.

I realized that when I focused on being intentional in the sales process, I got out of the way. When I focused on what was best for my client, and not my fear of selling, more sales closed. When I discovered how to easily set the appointment and offer solutions to my prospects by “selling in the gap,” I closed more sales.

When you release limiting beliefs and fears about selling, you won’t stop yourself before you pick up the phone.

When you learn (and implement) powerful sales scripts, you will be equipped with the tools you need to change how you sell and the results you get.

My passion is helping Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals significantly increase their sales so they can live the life they have always dreamed of!

I have helped my clients double and triple their sales in as little as 60 days. Today, I enjoy ease and grace in my business, and my favorite mantra is, “Money flows to me easily and effortlessly every day” because it does!

In this *industry proven* program, I will help you:

  • break through your limiting fears and beliefs about selling,
  • create powerful sales scripts,
  • and close more sales

Due to the depth of the work we will do together, we only have 50 seats available—and this class is filling up fast!

Decide, right now, to take this exciting next step and grow your sales in 2019!

Where Will You Be 30 Days From Now?

Coming Soon: Digital Sales Camp!

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83% Closing Rate!

“Because of your training, I got clear on what my vision and goals were.

I reviewed my intent before each phone call and kept focused on the desired outcome. I started asking the right questions and listened to my customers and prospects to find out how I could help them. Before the class, my numbers were very low. Since the class started, I have a 60% increase in people attending and appointment and an 83% closing rate!”

Rico Hollenweger

"Wanting to grow your sales is not enough!
You have to shift your mind-set and make the calls"

I KNOW that I can "Do Sales" now!

“Before I heard Ursula share how to Sell with Intention at More Power Live in Dallas, Texas, I really struggled with selling. I was caught up with not wanting to annoy people, or be too pushy. After I heard Ursula I felt more confident in what I was offering and the value it provides to people...and signed up for her class.

That following Monday, (before the program even started), I closed a sale that brought in more revenue than the total cost of the conference, travel and Ursula's training! I credit that solely on the fact that I went into the conversation absolutely INTENDING to close the sale, as Ursula teaches. Since the program has started, I've radically changed how I sell, am getting more appointments, and just feel better about the whole thing. I really don't worry anymore because now I KNOW that I can do sales.”

Jeff Steinman
Braveau Experts

"Now is the time to make THIS your best year yet"

Coming Soon: Digital Sales Camp!

Click the button to be added to our waitlist and we will let you know when it opens!

"Get the sales you want now!"

"Stop the fear. Stop the procrastination."

What Others Are Saying About Sales Camp...


We are converting clients now!

“Ursula's "Selling with Intention" course helped us make a major breakthrough in the art of cold calling! Right from the start, Ursula impressed us with her professionalism and step-by-step guidelines to create an effective script to get an appointment. It gave us a system to track our progress, and build our confidence to overcome objections and get the appointment. We had a long list of prospects generated through old-fashioned cold calling that we are now converting to clients, and our business is growing. Thank you, Ursula. Looking forward to learning more from you.

Melinda Huber-Lavallee
Advanced Waste Solutions Management, Inc.

“I want to take this time to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at Sales Camp this past week. I have to admit I went into it with very little confidence and a negative mindset thinking that sales is not for me! However, Samp Camp was MORE than getting the tools to improve my sales and meeting all my goals. It became a personal growth opportunity for me as well! I have come away with so much that I don't only see but feel myself as a very successful sales person! What I was hoping to get out of this was losing my fear all together and it I have done so. To be honest before I would not even have had the courage to send this to you. I can't thank you enough for what you have shifted me to believe! Thank you!" 

Rojelio (Roy) Jimenez
Sales Executive, Gold Coast HIT Resource Center

“Sales Camp empowered me to be clear and direct in my sales. It demystified the selling process and broke it down into simple steps. Ursula's joyful and confident demeanor lead a group of inspired entrepreneurs through some of their biggest struggles. At the end of the two days, I was not only happy to have a road map for sales, but was also grateful to network in such a supportive environment.

Isabel Castro
Ayurvedic Health Practitioner

"Ursula is the real-deal! She combines her talent for sales and coaching with an undeniable powerful energy that ignites the whole room. She practices what she preaches and teaches people the power of using intention to increase their sales success! In sales camp you get to know other like-minded people you can network with and share your process with. Ursula creates a supportive, electric, collaborative environment where people feel safe to Go For IT!"

Leisa Reid

"Sales Camp helped me set the appt. with the person who connected me with my 1.2 million dollar sale"


I'm leaving Virtual Sales Camp with the courage I needed to push forward even when the world keeps trying to stand still with the Covid-19 situation. They really showed me that now is the time for me to adapt, explore, stay open and move onward. I'm so ready to help lead my industry out of this interesting (Covid-19) time that we find ourselves in. Thank you Ursula and Rebekah!”

Virtual Sales Camp Attendee

What YOU and Your Sales Team will receive


2 DAYS Live with Ursula and Team (Retail Value $2497)

Release Limiting Beliefs & Fear Around Selling

Develop A Powerful "Intentional Mindset"

Learn How To Have Easy Money Conversations

Discover How To Sell "In The Gap"

Create Your 90 Day, Double Your Sales Plan

Develop Quantum Sales Scripts That Convert

Identify Your Top 20% Client & How To Sell To Them

Sales Camp Success System (Online Delivery)
(Retail Value $997)

Bring a Guest Ticket (Retail Value $497)

Catered Breakfast and Lunch.

Plus Bonuses:
Ursula's Best Selling Books
Selling with Intention(Retail Value $20)
One Great Goal! (Retail Value $20)

The 60 Day Sales Success Intensive! (Online Delivery)
(Retail Value $98)

Sales Camp Video Library(Retail Value $1997)

Marketing with Intention (Online Delivery)
(Retail Value $297)

Sales Formula for Sales Pro's Calculator!
(Retail Value $197)

That's Over $6,500 in Value for Only $997!

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Legal Disclaimer: These testimonials are representative of the individuals shown here and may not be representative of the experience of others who participate in these programs. These testimonials can be verified with the individuals listed and have not been paid for. Testimonials are never indicative of future performance or success, and is important to do your Sales Team own research before your Sales Team participate in any program or purchase any service.

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