Sales By The Numbers with Robin Schnaidt

We have the amazing Robin Schnaidt, with us today. She’s someone who really knows her numbers, so she’s a powerhouse in the accounting world and her clients really love her!

Robin is an accomplished accountant, with more that twenty years of experience in the industry. She specializes in helping small businesses and individuals with their accounting and their tax needs. She is known for being able to explain complex procedures in such a way that they become informative and really easy to understand.

Robin holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting, from the University of North Dakota and she’s been an Office Manager, a Senior Accountant and Tax Preparer with two CPA firms, an Accounting Consultant at Fiscal Foundations and a Client Services Manager at School Management Services. She has also been a Payroll Clerk, a Bookkeeper and she’s worked in retail too. This work experience all added to Robin’s ability to open her own company, Numbers LLC, in 2009, a successful business with many happy clients.

In her spare time, Robin enjoys quilting, reading, knitting and camping too! Listen in today, to find out more about Robin and how she’s changed and grown, along with her business.

To learn more about Robin’s services, please visit her website to see how her experience and expertise can help you with your accounting and tax needs.