Business Systems and Support Systems That Lead to Sales Success with Rebekah Hall

In order to be successful in business, it is important to take cues from successful business owners. Whether you are just starting your first business, or about to double your sales yet again, having a mentor or a coach can make all the difference. Today, I have with me a veteran coach who just so happens to be one of my favorite collaborators, Rebekah Hall! Rebekah has been coaching businesses for over a decade, amounting to over 2,000 businesses getting well on their way to success. While her knowledge of sales is extensive, she also loves to dive into systems, sales marketing, and strategy. Rebekah and I love to play together as we co-coach clients and contribute to events like the recent Quantum Sales Summit.

Rebekah really is the Yin to my Yang. She loves to dive into systems and operations where I tend to gloss over them. I think this is why we make quite a team, and it is high time to have her on the podcast! Straight from the gate, Rebekah will offer up incredibly practical wisdom straight from experience. After battling the limiting belief that she was not “enough” to make it in sales, Rebekah found empowerment by surrounding herself with a support system that did believe in her. Because she was able to find such success in her own business ventures by seeking coaching and mentoring, Rebekah now loves to do the same for businesses. She emphasizes that businesses are the numbers, and she wants everyone to take a good, long look at their sales goals before moving forward.

Always the gal with the plan, Rebekah is going to help you start shifting your vision to begin systemizing and automating some of your business. You have untapped potential, and Rebekah will be the person to get you to any goal you have. I know you will love her perspective, practical tips, and encouraging words for anyone out there running their own business. Doubling your sales is closer within your reach than you might think!

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