A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

Would you say that you are the same person that you were, say, twenty years ago? Of course you are the same individual person – but have you changed?

  • Have you changed as a person?
  • Do you have a new career?
  • Has your family situation changed?
  • Have you grown spiritually?
  • Have you moved locations?
  • Have your relationships changed?
  • Has your sphere of influence changed?

Most people would say that time changes them. They report that they have grown wiser and have made a few big mistakes. In turn, they have learned valuable life lessons. Most people would say that life has an uncanny way of humbling a person.

In short, most would say that, no, they are not the same person they were twenty years ago.

So, this is an interesting observation for life, but why is it important to remember in sales?

Because you never know when your paths will cross with someone again in the future.

And at that time, you won’t know how much they have changed, how much you will have changed, or how much you may both benefit from resuming your relationship on some level.

The moral of the story? Never burn your bridges.

As you’re doubling and tripling your sales, networking is one of your most powerful tools. People are what makes sales and business happen. No matter how technical or seemingly impersonal your work may be, you’ll need people as clients, employees, or colleagues. And today, you have no way of knowing who is going to be in your life in some capacity in the future.

A person you meet today may not be the right fit for a place in your sales or business. But they may be perfect for it in five years.

I heard a saying once that went like this: “People will come into your life for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime.”

In sales, the needs of an organization are constantly shifting. In turn, the personnel needs evolve. Somebody may be a perfect fit as your client, employee, or colleague this year, and they may not be again next year.

But ten years down the line, you may find that they return to your life, only to find that they are a perfect fit somewhere in your life again – personally or professionally!

Keep those bridges open – maintain those relationships – even when you don’t think they serve a purpose in your life at the moment! In fact, it’s to your benefit to build as many bridges as you can!

This is just one of many pieces of wisdom that came out of my last podcast with Kelly – Jahner-Byrne. An inspiring woman who has accomplished so many things in her life, Kelly talks about the value in keeping bridges open with people, because you never know when they will resurface in your life.

Today’s wisdom: Protect all of your relationships – don’t burn your bridges.