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Ready to double your sales?

Join Award Winning Author + Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes and her guests as they share exactly what they did to double, triple and quadruple their sales in a short amount of time—so you can do the same!

This lady is the real deal.
Angie Weber
“I can't get enough of this podcast and it has only just begun. Ursula is a true Sales master who gives you bite size pieces that are easy to put into place right away. I can't wait to learn more from her so I can continue to double my sales!”

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Selling the Invisible: Five Steps To Sell What You Cannot See

“The truth is if you sell a service, you’re solving a problem for someone.”  — Ursula Mentjes (04:21-04:26) Many entrepreneurs are struggling to sell their intangible services. Some are uncertain about what sales strategy they can use. But there’s a simple process that makes sales conversations with clients more comfortable….


The Art of Selling Yourself, Collaborating and Becoming an Author of Influence with Brian K Wright

In this episode, Brian K Wright joins Ursula Mentjes on Double Your Sales Now podcast to talk about the art of selling yourself, collaborating, and becoming an author of influence.


Reach Greater Heights in Business with Ron Hurst

To reach greater heights in business, you have to get through limiting beliefs around money to scale. Do the work and focus on the new idea. The second you start to see evidence to support the new belief, the easier it is to get rid of a limiting belief. You…


How to Scale Your Business by Releasing Limiting Beliefs

“Selling Is A Skill That Anyone Can Learn.”  — Ursula Mentjes (08:37-08:40) Sales is a valuable life skill that is not routinely taught. Most of the time, sales professionals receive basic training to provide them with a quick initial boost in the job. Unfortunately, these training methods only work short-term,…


Top Sales Techniques That Build Powerful Relationships with Chas Wilson

When it comes to failing businesses, it’s often not what you’re doing, but when. Chas Wilson believes there are sequential strategies that all local businesses should follow in order to reach their fullest potential.  In this conversation with Ursula Mentjes, Chas shares some of his top sales techniques to build…


Overcoming the Challenge of Charging What You’re Worth with Kari Switala

It’s easy to forget how educated, qualified, and tenacious we are when it comes to selling ourselves, which often holds us back. Today’s guest, Kari Switala, shares how she overcame her self-doubt and fueled herself to achieve her goals. Kari is the Chief Creative Officer at Wild Fig Marketing and…


Succeeding in All the Wrong Ways with Tena Pettis

We tend to ignore what’s directly in front of us until one day it hits us suddenly. At least, that’s what happened for Tena Pettis. Tena went from working in corporate to starting a digital design agency from scratch, and balancing four successful businesses, only to realize she was succeeding…


Confronting Your Subconscious Blocks with Mee Vaj

Whether you know it or not, childhood has a major subconscious influence in your day-to-day life as an adult. Today’s guest, Mee Vaj, shares how her experiences with war and abuse as a child shaped her limiting beliefs, but also inspired her to grow her own business. As a refugee,…


Using Speaking to Expand Your Companies’ Reach with Ross Bernstein

The best-selling author of nearly FIFTY SPORTS BOOKS, he’s an award-winning, Hall of Fame, peak-performance, business speaker who’s keynoted conferences on ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS and has been featured on CNN, “CBS-This-Morning,” ESPN, and Fox News, as well as in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today. His…


Double Your Sales Now! Is Thankful for our DYSN Sponsors!

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