People Really Do Need What You Have!

If you seem to be struggling in your sales, what is it holding you back? Have you identified it yet?

I have found that most of the time, the only thing that is holding people back from doubling and tripling their sales is one or two limiting beliefs. That’s really it! And that’s good news – because while there seems to be something stopping you, you also have the solution to your problem! It’s right between your ears!

There are several limiting beliefs that I have seen about sales. A couple of the most common limiting beliefs are:

  • “Selling is hard because nobody wants to buy from me.”
  • “Selling is hard because nobody needs what I have to offer.”

Both of which are nonsense!

You see, every single business – even yours – has a target client. When you’re working with your target clients, you’re working with the exact people that have a genuine need for what you have to sell!  And they want to hear all about about it! Nobody is going to know that you have something to sell until you tell them!

That changes your perspective a bit right? Suddenly the phone feels a bit lighter!

So, replace those limiting beliefs with:

  • “Selling is easy because my target clients want to buy from me!”
  • “Selling is easy because my target clients need what I have to offer!”

Now, selling to them has become a responsibility – and a privilege. AND, once you’re working with your target clients, you begin to learn how to work with only your top 20% clients – and your favorite clients!

Suddenly, selling becomes fun!

These simple shifts in mindset are what helped my latest podcast guest, Marissa Agustin, explode her sales! A seasoned businesswoman, Marissa found that when she started a business that she loved, it felt like a hobby rather than a business! She had a passion for her product and she believed in what she had to offer.

However, she still had the limiting belief that nobody wanted what she had to sell. That all changed when she attended a business retreat – and broke through her limiting beliefs! Today, her beautiful business is quickly expanding!

Listen to her inspiring story on my latest podcast episode!

What are your limiting beliefs?

Finally: what do you need to do to shift them?