Shifting a Limited Mindset to Reach Your Full Sales Potential with Patti Cotton

Today we have the very amazing and very cool Patti Cotton on the show. Patti is an Executive Coach from the West Coast and she really shows up in the world in an inspiring way and serves people with a lot of heart! Today she talks about how, with the right kind of help, she managed to shift a limited mindset and become able to clearly see her value and the really incredible impact that has had on her business. She offers lots of very valuable advice today, so listen in now and become inspired!

Patti is the CEO of the Cotton Group. She’s a leader and a strategist, with more than twenty five years of multi-cultural leadership experience from all around the world. She brings her vast experience to Executive Coaching and Consulting, working with Executives, Business Owners and other chief decision makers, to engage, elevate and equip them for even greater leadership and outcomes.

Patti is the Founder and CEO of her own company, Cotton Group Llc and also of the movement, Women Who Take The Lead. Patti has more than twenty five years of leadership, both locally and abroad, in Diplomatic Relations and Corporate Profit (and not for profit) worlds. She’s an International Fortune Five Hundred Speaker, a monthly contributor to Women, Money and Mindset, for the Press Enterprise Business Column and she’s also the author of a new book, Act Like A Leader, which is due to be published very soon. Take out your paper and pen, because Patti is going to share a lot of wisdom and nuggets with you today, that you’re really going to want to remember. Listen in to find out more!

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  • Allison says:

    Thank you for the fabulous podcast, Ladies! I am a health coach for cancer patients. I beat a very aggressive cancer myself.
    Two months ago I had a consultation with a prospective client whose doctors, after having her on treatments for 3+ years, told her there were no medical options left for her. I told her that my holistic regimen would help her recover from the medications (poisons!) that she had been on. She said she would work with me only if my services were offered for free because she was a friend of a friend of mine. Yes, she said that! I know this was not a matter of money, she had plenty of money. It\’s never about the money anyway, right? I will not pretend to know what was going through her mind… but I do know she never would have followed my coaching if it was offered to her for free. Yesterday I heard the word that she passed away last Friday, leaving behind her husband and three children aged 13,10, and 5. The cause of her death existed long before I came along, and she had a chance to work with me but chose not to. But it still breaks my heart because I fought that battle, too. As a survivor I have so much to offer, but the nature of my expertise exposes me to tremendous amount of vulnerability and heartache. I want more than 20% of the people to see the value of my work, but I can\’t control that. Patti\’s statements about insisting on that value recognition struck a chord with me today. So timely, too. Thank you.

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