Patti Cotton: Leader and Strategist

Patti Cotton, founder and CEO of Cotton Group, is a leader and strategist whose background includes more than 25 years of multi-cultural leadership experience around the globe in the worlds of diplomatic relations and the corporate and non-profit arenas. Through her signature 360 ̊ Leadership brand, Patti works with key decision-makers and their executive teams to boost performance through developing exceptional leadership and aligning culture with strategic vision and direction.


Patti specializes in the following: talent development for emerging and experienced leadership; emotional intelligence skills for individuals and teams; high trust in teams; critical communications and conflict management; and culture alignment throughout the organization. She does this through providing consulting, 360° feedback for right fit and performance, executive leadership and group coaching, facilitation and training, and retreats.


Her clients call her at key transitional points such as anticipating business expansion; negotiating or realigning culture due to a merger or acquisition; effective management of a multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce; developing talent for succession planning; and onboarding new leadership. A partial client roster can be found on her website


Patti is a guest lecturer at universities for leadership and culture, and advanced coaching methodologies. She is an author and a Fortune 500 speaker, and is a contributor to the weekly business column, "Women, Money, and Mindset" for the Southern California News Group publications. She has been recognized by Inland Empire magazine as one of the most influential women in the region and is a three-time recipient of The U.S. President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service.


Patti's current promotion and gift for you:

As a leader, you need a set of skills to accelerate your personal, professional and organizational performance. Patti’s CEO Brain Trust is designed to support and shape this, including meeting once monthly in a small group of like-minded leaders, and private coaching to fast-track results. Email for details.

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