The One Thing EVERY Salesperson Should Do

Sales is NOT complicated. It’s not difficult. And it’s not scary.

Sales only becomes complicated, difficult, and scary when WE start to overthink it. We get in the way of our own success! We trip ourselves up through our limiting beliefs – many of which are about ourselves. The problem – and solution – lies right between our ears.

One common limiting belief I see in sales people is the idea that “I’m not enough.” When most salespeople are planning their sales presentations, they gather all the facts, rehearse overcoming objections, dot their “I’s” and cross their “T’s,” and get all the nuts and bolts in place. Now, those are all good things to have ready!


When they visualize their presentations, they often times feel the need to put on their “salesperson” face. In the process, they sometimes unknowingly try to be someone that they think their client will want to buy from.

Read that again: We try to be someone that we think our clients want to buy from.


But in the process of trying SO hard, they lose themselves along the way!

And of all the things a salesperson NEEDS to bring to the sales table, the MOST important thing is this: their authentic self.

Because here is the key: nobody wants to buy from someone that seems disingenuous!

When a salesperson tries to be someone other than themselves, what’s the outcome? They come across as a false personality – someone not to be trusted. How can we connect with our clients if we’re pretending to be someone we’re not? You can see where this is going!

On my latest podcast, I interviewed Kyle Payne, a digital marketing consultant with Vivial. In 2017, Kyle’s first full year with Vivial, he was the #1 overall ranked sales rep at 192% of quota.  In just the first month of 2018, Kyle has already exceeded his revenue from all of 2017. He really gets sales!

In addition to sharing about the type of sales he does, Kyle shared an immense depth of sales knowledge and wisdom – and it’s simplicity was as true as it was astounding.

One of his big ideas: Stop overthinking sales.

Furthermore, stop overthinking and underestimating yourself. Once you break the limiting belief that you are not enough, you remain your authentic self during your sales preparations, sales calls, sales appointments, and during the time that you serve your clients.

And then, sales becomes fun.