Health + Home

Nicole Murray grew up in a small top-5 U.S. tourist town; Coeur d Alene, Idaho — and flew the coop quickly to experience life to the extreme by traveling most of her 20’s with a private yachting company a la Below Deck style, then traveled with a real estate development company, which actually was her introduction into real estate. Then moved to St Paul Minnesota 8yrs ago 1. for love(very cliche), and 2. to finish her Bachelors degree at the UofM in Marketing and Merchandising with the dream to work in interior design.
In 2015, Nicole took the leap from what she thought was her “dream job” Target Corporate, as a Business Analyst to Independent Business Owner as a Real Estate Agent + Investor, and most recently Health + Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils.
Her passion is educating and advocating on the importance of Heath & Home, and Health IN Home. She does this both in real estate and in her health and wellness business.
Everyone has a home. Both a house as a home, and a body that truly is also your home, your original home. You must treat each well, as organically as possible, simply and with love. Strive for the healthiest, happiest home.
Home. Real Estate: As an education-based brokerage agent — her 3 years experience as an investor and landlord, in property management managing multiple portfolios and new construction has rounded her out to confidently advocate for her buyers and sellers in an incredibly strategic and unique way. She also has a fierce, loyal team behind her to ensure that the buying and selling journey of her clients meets expectations.
Her office, VSM Real Estate is based out of St Paul, Minnesota. Here is a quick clip of her intro:
Health. doTERRA Essential Oils: Nicole started her holistic journey over 10 years ago with simple organic swaps with items in her daily life such as nutrition, household cleaners, beauty products, etc. — and 4 years ago was introduced to essential oils as an alternative natural health solution. ALL of Her medicine cabinet went in the trash and is literally all replaced by essential oils! Seriously. Her passion is truly to educate YOU to realize you have the option in using alternative medicine – natural medicine first, before jumping on the chemical bandwagon that western medicine provides. Take care of your health FIRST.
What are your top 3 mental and physical health needs? Nicole would be honored to connect you with natural health options through doTERRA essential oils. Email her at 
Nicole lives her days off the affirmation: LOVE. EMPOWER. SLAY. REPEAT. xo