Your Dreams into Actionable Tasks to Make Them a Reality with Nea DallaValle

On our path to doubling our sales, we often find events panning out differently than we planned. Whether life throws us a curveball, or we find ourselves a little disenchanted with the business we always envisioned, it is never too late to get reacquainted with your dreams. What if I told you there is someone in the world who can help you navigate those twisting paths and curveballs? What if I told you your answer might be a little less familiar, but a lot more wonderful than you ever expected?

I am with Nea DallaValle today, a Life Coach and spiritual leader and healer who is passionate about helping you get reacquainted with your dreams. Nea uses her connection to the spiritual planes to help you develop your dreams into actionable ideas. When you talk to Nea, you cannot help but feel like there is a team of support all around you. What I love about Nea is that she sees sales as connections. Her approach to business is anything but artificial. Her tools are unique in that they help you authentically create exactly the kind of connections you need to grow your business. I might be exactly what you need to get back on your path, or even choose a new one!

I think you will take away a lot of wisdom from this episode. So let’s get started.

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The New Light Worker Podcast:

  • Thom Moore says:

    Nea is a remarkable woman whom I’m proud to call my Niece!
    The fact is she has very special connections which she’s chosen to develop. While I’m just starting to fully understand her spirituality which I believe is key to comprehending her amazing talent😍

    The time is now!
    Thom Moore

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