Build a Business You Can Never Outgrow with Nancy Meyer

Today, we have the incredible, amazing Nancy Meyer, owner of WeMentor, Inc. WeMentor is now a sponsor of the show which is exciting for everything Nancy and her WeMentor community brings to Double your Sales. Do you need new skills and strategies to grow your business? Or modernize your business? Is your business running you? Maybe you’re recovering from a major setback and need a new skill set to recover and rise from the experience with greater clarity, resilience, and a new perspective. If that is the case, definitely check out WeMentor.

About Nancy:

Nancy A. Meyer, M.A. was raised to take charge of her life through innovation which eventually led to founding WeMentor, inc. in 1992. From farmhand, nanny, #1 national tele-salesperson with the Minnesota Special Olympics, insurance agent, elementary education teacher, special education teacher, and volunteer extraordinaire to entrepreneur, adjunct entrepreneurship professor at one university, and a part-time visiting professor in entrepreneurship at another.

Through WeMentor, inc., Nancy developed a business she couldn’t outgrow because innovators never stop innovating. Leaders need help to sustain resiliency, become more compassionate, and to be responsive in learning new skills from life’s lessons; especially the harsh lessons that take us down but not ‘out.’

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