Manifest Intentions, Change Your Energy and Heal Your Heart with Nancy Clairmont Carr

Are you feeling balanced, on purpose, and full of joy? Even the most joyful among us would probably admit that we can stand a little help in this area. You are going to enjoy my conversation today with an amazing transformational healer with whom I share an affinity for the world of energy and healing. She is changing lives and sharing her secret as she speaks authentically from the heart.

Nancy Clairmont Carr is a transformational expert, energy healer, speaker, and entrepreneur. She empowers change-seekers to manifest intentions quickly and with less effort. She helps remove limiting beliefs, success blocks, and other obstacles preventing goal achievement. Nancy helps individuals reach higher consciousness and access their personal power for more internal alignment. Over the last 20 years, she has helped her clients create more joy, abundance, and freedom. Her career includes business leadership, lifestyle coaching, and energy healing. After a successful marketing career and coaching business with an MBA in multiple energy healing certifications, she founded The Joy-Effect, a holistic transformation coaching business for achievers, which includes everyone who wants to transform health, finances, and relationships. Don’t we all want more joy in our lives? You don’t want to miss hearing from Nancy!

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