She built her business by starting with a big heart, a generous spirit and the gift of fun.

It all started with a spunky and groovy hotel gal named Michelle Avery Murphy.

After spending 15 years working in hotel sales at companies such as Wyndham, Starwood and Intercontinental, Murphy decided it was time to take her skills, relationships and knowledge and start her own business. This way she could sell all hotels nationwide, find the best fit for her clients and continue her passion in the hospitality business. Being her own boss wasn’t such a bad idea either!

Now Murphy is no ordinary entrepreneur. She built her business by starting with a big heart, a generous spirit and the gift of fun. With an infectious smile and a genuine laugh, Murphy made her mark by building long standing relationships that have earned her a great reputation amongst clients and hoteliers alike. She truly enjoys getting to know her clients on a personal level, being their advocate and having fun in the process. She is hardworking, knowledgeable and a tough negotiator that helps her clients get the best value for the dollar.

She first started the meeting site selection business with HelmsBriscoe, and while there, Michelle earned the prestigious President’s Club award 5 times. Then in 2009 and with continued success, she launched her first solo venture, Murphy Turgeon LLC. In 2014, the stars aligned again, additional staff was added, and Avery Murphy was founded.

Meeting planners hire Avery Murphy to open closed doors because most are unaware of the pitfalls of ever-changing contracts, more concerned with being liked rather than respected and are overwhelmed with all of the details to plan a successful conference. We help them unlock more hotel options, mitigate contractual risk and free up their time. Bottom line, finding the right hotel is like finding a needle in a haystack and we have the groovy treasure map.

Best part, Avery Murphy’s site selection service does not cost you or your organization anything, that’s right it is FREE to you. We are compensated by a placement fee from the hotel YOU select!


    Delighted to read that Michelle Turgeon continues to succeed.I because associated with her from the SGMP here in San Diego. Some years back, while a a solo venture of Murphy Turgeon, she worked with me and a friend on a family reunion here in San Diego and provided stellar service.

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