My Interview with Michelle Lee + I Was Part of Her Mom’s on Purpose Summit

Michelle Lee is the founder of Athena Rising Now, LLC, a women’s and mother’s empowerment coach for 16 years and is known as The Coachapist. She deeply understands that when the mother is healed the family heals. Only thriving, happy, whole women can raise thriving, happy, whole kids.

Michelle’s Soul’s purpose and mission is to transform the female experience on the planet. She understands that we are all whole and powerful beings born to live out our greatness. She is passionate and gifted at leading her clients out of their limiting stories and emotions into their Soul’s purpose while raising thriving families.

Michelle is also the author of Fall in Lovewith your Self hypnotic journey CD and the creator of countless weekend workshops including Mind Magic and Self-Love How to Get There from Here and the soon to be released book, Women: From Profit to Power, Your Guide to Reclaiming Your Worth.

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