Reviving a Company After It Closed and Taking It to a 7-Figure Business with Martha Womack

Today we have the super inspiring Martha Womack on the show and she really has an incredible story to tell!

Martha has been an entrepreneur for years. As the youngest of three girls, she was born and raised in West Texas. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology in 1984 and then she moved across Texas, through Albuquerque and landed in Southern California, at the age of twenty-nine.

At one point she thought of pursuing Law Enforcement, but she decided not to do that and took a job in the glass industry instead. The rest is history…

Martha founded Allglass in 1991 when the glass company that she was working for closed their doors for good. In 2017, Allglass celebrated its twenty-sixth year in business and their sales have almost tripled since 2013. There are currently eight people employed by Allglass and Martha’s intention is to turn the operation over to her employees by the end of 2018. She is currently enrolled in a graduate program, to get her Master’s degree in Theological Studies for the next phase of her really amazing life!

Martha is married and she celebrated her twentieth anniversary in August of 2017.

Listen in now, to find out more about Martha and her really inspiring journey through life!

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