Tested and Tried Strategies to Grow Your Business with Mark LeBlanc

Today we have the very cool, very incredible Mark Le Blanc with us! He is widely considered a Business Development expert and he is based out of Minneapolis. Mark has an Achiever Circle Retreat, for independent professionals who really want to create an extreme area of focus and as a result of that, put more money in their pockets as a business owner.

Mark realized very early on in his life that he was unemployable, so he made a decision to do whatever it would take, to make it on his own. Looking back, he sees that he was so in love with his potential, that he never really stopped to figure out what he was doing, or to lay down a foundation for that potential to emerge. This is something that he sees a lot with the clients that he works with, so today, he talks about how he sees that showing up with his clients and he explains how supports them through it. He also discusses what it means to have really meaningful conversations with prospective clients, the type of conversation that will result not only in making a sale, but in making a second (or subsequent) sale(s).

Mark has written three books- Growing Your Business, Never Be The Same and Build Your Consulting Practice and recently, he went on his third five hundred mile walk across Spain.

Listen in today, to find out more about Mark and to get his awesome, tried and tested strategies, to really grow your business.