Conquering Personal Setbacks and Limiting Beliefs to Double Sales with Marissa Agustin

Are you struggling to get your product out there? Do you have a company or a cause you believe in, but can’t seem to bring yourself around to talking about it? You might be struggling with some of the same limiting beliefs as my guest, Marisa Agustin. Marissa is the owner and founder of Loving Cup Teas, and she has had to conquer mountains of setbacks and personal limits before doubling her sales. Now, her company is more successful than ever, and opportunities seem to be popping up like magic. What is her secret to success? She loves tea, and she wants to tell everyone about her product!

Marissa has a background in theater and retail management. After three companies she went for rand out of business, Marissa decided to take things into her own hands and start her own company. Loving Cup Teas are made with fresh, fragrant ingredients and are blended with care and detail. Marissa knew she had a stellar product (and I agree!) but she was still facing sales setbacks. After realizing she was afraid of what people might think of her, she decided to get rid of her fear and start embracing opportunities. Now, Marissa wants to tell the world about her teas!

Whether you are just starting out or just now gaining momentum, it is important that you get the word out about your product through strategic marketing and excellent communication. Marissa has all kinds of tips to get you started, plus a warm and snuggly presence that is just like her sensational teas. Opportunity is knocking! Are you ready to listen?

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