A Holistic Approach to Business and Sales with Lori Bestler

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve likely read or heard me speak about the incredible power that intentional thinking can have on your sales. I teach that when you believe that you can, you actually can – and do – succeed, just because of shifting your thoughts and beliefs.

But you see, it goes both ways – because your thoughts influence everything about your life – the good and the bad.

Have you ever been burned out? I mean really burned out? Perhaps you’ve even found yourself in a place where you’re seeking professional help and even medications to help you manage the extreme stress you’re under. Don’t get me wrong – these can be great resources for those that require them, but let’s take a step back and evaluate stress for a moment.

We all know that stress is bad for us. For example:

  • Stress raises cortisol levels
  • Stress interferes with sleep
  • Stress causes cravings
  • Stress causes depression
  • And there is even evidence to say that stress causes cancer.

It’s not news that stress is no good for us! But most people today live with some level of unmanaged stress. And yet, here is the key: nearly all of that stress is caused by thoughts.

Yes, thoughts.

You see, our bodies have the very real ability to react – even chronically – to the negative thoughts in our lives. For instance, if you suddenly found yourself face to face with a dangerous predator, your mind would immediately process the information, and cause your body to react with the fight or flight response to help you survive.

When you reflect on your day and you say, “That situation stressed me out,” what you’re saying is that the situation at hand “caused you” to think stressful and negative thoughts.

But I ask you: can situations, people, or anything else really force us to think anything?

Your mind – and in turn, body – will simply respond to the messages you give them. And fortunately, they react to the good ones too. If our thoughts have the ability to do the damage listed above, imagine the level of health and success they can give you.

So how can you take your thoughts – and turn them from stress and burnout toward health and wealth?

I interviewed Lori Bestler in my latest podcast, who is both a health coach and a success coach. She talks about how she learned the powerful way that her thoughts affect everything about her life. Her story goes deep into her inspiring successes and moving struggles, including the health challenges that she faced as a result of the stress she had experienced.

Her advice to someone experiencing burnout? Take deep breaths. You see, as you reduce your physical stress, the mind begins to clear as well. The two are inextricably linked. Take care of one, and you invariably take care of the other. And once your head is clear, you’ll know how to intentionally rearrange your toxic thoughts.

Here’s another way to look at it:

Are you stressed? Good!

That means you know you need to make a change – and you know that the change starts with the intentional thoughts you choose allow into your mind.

So, what are you new intentional thoughts going to be?