Red Hot Branding that Leads to White Hot Sales – Liz Goodgold

Today we have with us a branding guru who is as GOOD AS GOLDLiz Goodgold. Liz is an author, coach, and motivational “speecher”, who shares how to brand out, stand out, and cash in on your business. In fact, her clients typically boost their income by at least 40% after working with her!

This fiery redhead has engaged audiences at Pfizer, Warner Brothers, Abbott Labs, Qualcomm, and over 150 other companies and associations. She is a former brand manager at Quaker Oats, Business editor at Times Mirror, and lowly book “schlepper” at Macmillan Publishing.

Liz has appeared on virtually every network including CNN, CNBC NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and perhaps even PMS. She is the celebrity branding expert on Hollywood Scandals for seasons 1 and 2 and is on a new TV show airing in the Fall.

Liz 3rd book: How to Speak Gooder is now available.

SO – here to share with you all of the secrets you need to know to speak gooder is Liz Goodgold!