Small Shifts Are Game Changing with Linda Rasch

Are you joyously following your heart and doing what you are really meant to be doing on the planet? Or would you really love to make a difference, but it just keeps feeling like something is missing? Well, the truth is that a very small shift can actually make a huge difference! Our guest for today’s show, the very cool and very amazing Linda Rasch, believes in contributing to a greater cause and making a difference in game-changing ways. She really believes that the most powerful message comes from the heart and that when you both listen and communicate from the heart you have the power to really connect and so to make the greatest difference. We are going to have a really great conversation with Linda on today’s show and I know that you will really be inspired when you hear her story and discover the way that she leads right from the heart! Listen in to find out more!

Linda knew that she was here to have a greater impact. Something was calling her and she had to listen. As a corporate leader and strategic communications consultant for twenty-five years, Linda loved her work but always felt that something was missing. When she became burned out in 2013 and walked away from her six-figure job at a global medical technology company so that she could start her own consulting practice, she finally began to see her dreams unfolding.

Today Linda is happily living her calling and helping others to do the same by helping them to speak straight from their hearts. She leverages her corporate experience and her expertise in her own entrepreneurial journey to help visionary leaders just like you, who are on a mission to stand out, have a greater impact and to have more fun prospering!

Linda is certified as a Holistic Health Coach, a Belief Change Coach, and also a Know Your Why Coach and she has worked with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and international companies where she has helped thousands of individuals to get crystal clear on their true why, their vision and to become inspired leaders and to create inspired teams and movements.

Linda has helped me to find my why which is all about simplicity. This has really helped me to fine-tune what I included in my last book, The Belief Zone. It has also given me so much excitement about what I do and the way that I help my clients, by reminding me of the problem that I have solved. Listen in today to find out what Linda has to share with you.

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