Leveraging Your Network to Grow Your Business with Kelly Jahner-Byrn

Today we have the amazing Kelly Jahner-Byrne on the show and she’s really all about getting it done!

Kelly, who thinks that she’s probably been an Entrepreneur since the age of eight, describes herself as a blue collar kid, from South St Paul. She is a dynamic Speaker, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Singer and International Business Woman who is the recognized expert on leveraging your network, to grow your business. In 2001, Kelly was crowned Mrs Minnesota and she made full use of her skills, to raise over a million dollars for charity- and she is also the founder of the Cancer Benefit Fund.

Kelly has authored two books and she is a Speaker for Global Organizations. She has made full use of her international expertise while traveling to over forty countries, across the world and also to run her successful business in the Consumer Goods Industry, where her customer reach spans Europe, as well as North America.

Some of Kelly’s traveling landed her in a real life Love Boat situation, where she met an awesome Chef, who is now her husband of over twenty years!

For over twenty five years, Kelly has been a Singer and she’s the creator and former host of an award winning cable talk show.

Kelly has worked in the realm of Politics and she is always up for a new adventure, the latest of which is her Podcast, called Leverage Your How.

On the show today, Kelly will share her expertise on the ‘how to’ of getting your business moving forward faster– something that we all really want.

As the CEO of Kelly Enterprises International, Kelly is a Collaborative Networker with a ‘let’s go together’ attitude. She is the Managing Director of the premier Twin City’s Professional Networking Organization For Women Entrepreneurs and she has a real passion for connecting people for success.

Kelly really knows how to leverage your business connections, from health, wealth, to the lifestyle of your dreams. Listen in to learn about the really amazing kind of support that Kelly has to offer!