Meet a Millennial Who Defies the Myths and Is Killing It in Business – Kayla Fuller

Millennials have an undeservedly bad reputation these days, especially in business. They have been labeled as entitled and demanding, unable to commit. I know for a fact that there are Millennials out there doing business well and making great strides to double their sales. It’s time to break down that myth and share with you a story that will inspire anyone, young or old, to have the confidence they need to be a successful business owner.

I am so excited to interview a young woman who is an independent business owner in her twenties. That’s right, her twenties! Kayla Fuller is out there crushing it with direct sales after learning from the best, her parents. She credits her success now from growing up in the family business. Now, she is creating a healthy environment for success through a home health product she truly believes in, and by encouraging her team to make strides in their careers.

Kayla has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for people. Though once feeling limited by her age, she now sees it as an opportunity for growth. In a way, Kayla was an accidental leader. She discovered by taking bold moves towards her goals that she had the skills and desire necessary to lead a business. Kayla leads well, and I think her story will be an inspiring one! You do not want to miss out.

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