Lawyers Need Sales Skills Too with Julie Finch

If you are an Attorney, you don’t really need to double your sales, do you? What if “Sales” feels like one of those four letter words and entrepreneur is a job for young people or risk-takers? You might be a little bit like this week’s guest, Julie Finch. Julie is an Attorney who has been working in Business Law for many years. After the Great Recession, Julie decided to open up her own firm, Finch Law, and break into an uncharted entrepreneurial territory. Even though sales felt like something she shouldn’t have to do, Julie realized quickly that adopting a few tools of the saleswoman’s trade would be to her advantage.

Now, Julie is here to talk about why Lawyers need a little business savvy. She will share how to reach clients through personal touches, and why overcoming fear is essential to success. Julie managed to double her sales, and now she has had every opportunity she could possibly imagine, from running her own firm to even working as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Minnesota. Take it from someone who has done it all—you don’t have to be a salesperson to make a sale, and you don’t have to be a Lawyer to negotiate a good deal! This episode is packed with useful tools and incredible inspiration. You do not want to miss it!

Also in this episode:

  • How the recession hit law firms and led Julie to become the entrepreneur she never thought she could be.
  • Why is “Sell” a four letter word for Attorneys.
  • Moving through Imposter Syndrome.
  • Don’t forget your gifts. They are your greatest power!
  • Julie shares her top sales strategies for her firm.
  • Keep looking out for Julie’s Podcast coming soon.

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